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Paul L. Vance, Superintendent of Schools
July 5, 2000




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20625 Hazelnut Court, Germantown. Maryland 20874
Telephone: (Home) 301-428-9035


Public school superintendent for eight years of one of the nation's largest school systems. Twenty-seven years an executive in three public school districts. Fiscal and public policy expert in the govenance of schools and the management of resources, with a focus on community involvement, business leadership, and increased parental and.public support for investment in educational programs.

Educational send instructional leader with classroom and school-level expertise reflecting a career spanning 47 years, first and foremost as a teacher. Urban education specialist with a deep and personal understanding of the complex needs of cities and metropolitan areas in the development of quality teaching and learning amid demographic changes involving race, ethnicity, and culture.


  • The Success for Every Student Plan, which established a framework for reform and improvement over an eight-year period by identifying key academic milestones and implementing strategically planned enhancements to the classroom instructional program. Student performance gains were made in core learning areas such as reading and mathematics, as well as advanced placement and honors courses, attendance, and student achievement on nationally recognized academic measures.
  • Operating budget and strategic planning, in which the school system gained a 47-percent increase in operational funds over eight years through formal and specific strategic planning and detailed accounting and control of expenditures. School system investment increased from an annual generalized budget of $702.9 million to highly specific expenditures of more than $1 billion, resulting in increased funds for targeted academic and program improvements, including increased staff, gains in t: technology resources, and enhancements for employee recruitment and salaries.
  • Capital budget and enrollment management, which produced expenditures for school construction that grew to $114.1 million a year and funded the opening of 19 new schools and 38 modernizations of existing schools, the foundation of one of the largest building programs in the metropolitan area. The capital investment responded to an enrollment growth of more than 20,500 students -- an increase of nearly one-fifth -- over eight years, making the school system the 19th largest in the nation.
  • Targeted instructional enhancements and class-size reductions, which focused on improving student achievement in early reading (with instructional sessions of 15:1) and high school Algebra (with classes of 20:1). Improvements included systemwide enhancements of curriculum, especially the implementation of a nationally recognized elementary science program, and new approaches to reading instruction designed to achieve independent, on-level reading for all students by Grade 3.
  • A comprehensive, systemwide focus on safety and security that ushered in the first strategically planned school security program, including changes in policies, regulations, and state legislation and provided schools with specially trained security staff.


Educational Leadership Development in the organization and implementation of the first doctoral program at the School of Education. Bowie State University, Maryland.


Superintendent of Schools, Montgomery County Public Schools. Maryland, 1991 - 1999.
Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Montgomery County Pubic Schools, Maryland, 1987 - 1991.
Area Associate Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland, 1977 - 1987

Deputy Superintendent, Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore, Maryland, 1973 - 1977
Intern Superintendent, District of Columbia Public Schools, Washington, DC, January 1973 - July 1973
Intern Superintendent, Baltimore City Public Schools, Baltimore, Maryland, August 1972 - January 1973

Principal, Clarence E. Pickett Middle School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1968 - 1972
Principal, Roosevelt Junior High Summer School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1968
Principal, Fulton Lower School Summer School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1967
Administrative Assistant, West Philadelphia Evening High School, Pennsylvania, 1968 - 1969
Principal, Cook-Wissahickon School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1965 - 1968
Auxiliary Principal, Region 8, Philadelphia Public Schools, Pennsylvania, 1964

Social Studies/Science Specialist, District 2, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1961 - 1954
Teacher, Pennypack House of Corrections, Pennsylvania
Teacher, J. F. Reynolds Elementary/Intermediate School, Pennsylvania
Teacher, Mathematics and Science, Adult Evening High School, Pennsylvania
Teacher, Science and Social Studies, Summer School, Pennsylvania


Doctor of Education, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1974
Master of Science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1960
Bachelor of Science, Cheyney University, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, 1952


Maryland State Superintendent's Certificate
Pennsylvania School Superintendent's Certificate


Educator of the Year, African American Business Council
Excellence and Service, Montgomery County Alliance of Black School Educators
Lifetime Achievement and Hall of Fame Induction, National Alliance of Black School Educators
Legacy Award, Montgomery County Workforce Development Corporation

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