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Government and People
Anacostia Waterfront Corporation
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Chief Financial Officer
Chief Management Officer
City Council
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DC Agenda
Elections and Ethics
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FOI Officers
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Issues in DC Politics

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Regional Mobility
Reservation 13
Tax Rev Comm
Term limits repeal
Voting rights, statehood
Williams’s Fundraising Scandals


Appleseed Center
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Committee of 100
Fed of Citizens Assocs
League of Women Voters
Parents United
Shaw Coalition



What Is DCWatch?

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Government Officials

williams-2.jpg (34737 bytes)
Anthony Williams,

Allen Lew
Allen Lew, City Administrator

Charles Ramsey, Chief of Police
Charles H. Ramsey,
Chief of Police

robert_bobb.JPG (88797 bytes)
Robert Bobb, City Administrator

050928.jpg (120568 bytes)
Brenda Donald Walker, Deputy Mayor for Children, Youth, Families, and Elders

Andrew Altman.jpg (16136 bytes)
Andrew Altman, Director, Office of Planning

hotaling.jpg (20462 bytes)
Leslie Hotaling, Former Director, Department of Public Works
Adrian Thompson.jpg (304751 bytes)
Chief Adrian Thompson, Fire Department
030812, James Buford.jpg (89167 bytes)
James A. Buford, Director, Department of Health
Kelvin Robinson
Kelvin Robinson, Chief of Staff

Angel Cartagena.jpg (15779 bytes)
Angel Cartagena, Former Chair, Public Service Commission

Yvonne_Gilchrist.jpg (88176 bytes)
Yvonne D. Gilchrist Director, Department of Human Services
Ronald King.jpg (13347 bytes)
Ronald King, Former Director, Office of Boards and Commissions
0312, Elfreda Massie.jpg (194886 bytes)
Elfreda Massie
Interim Superintendent of Schools
gustavo.velasquez.jpg (43589 bytes)
Gustavo Velasquez, Director, Office of Latino Affairs

Tony Williams, Judy Banks.JPG (87679 bytes)
Judy Banks, Acting Director, Office of Personnel

Carol Mitten.JPG (233212 bytes)
Carol Mitten
Director, Office of Property Management
040108, Alfreda Davis, appointment.jpg (80840 bytes)
Alfreda Davis
Deputy Chief of Staff for Community Affairs
040108, Susan Newman, appointment.jpg (769462 bytes)
Susan Newman
Religious Advisor


brazil.jpg (43849 bytes)
Harold Brazil

Catania.jpg (18699 bytes)
David Catania

mendelson.gif (33404 bytes)
Phil Mendelson

schwartz.jpg (36320 bytes)
Carol Schwartz

evans.jpg (69914 bytes)
Jack Evans
Ward Two

patterson.jpg (28976 bytes)
Kathy Patterson
Ward Three

City Council, 16th legislative session.jpg (45779 bytes)
City Council, 16th Legislative Session

01-01-02, Council official photo shoot.JPG (63715 bytes)
City Council, 14th Legislative Session

99-01-04, City Council.jpg (116853 bytes)
City Council, 13th Legislative Session

Council.jpg (70822 bytes)
City Council, 13th Legislative Session


Rufus G. King, III
Rufus G. King, III
Chief Judge, Superior Court

National Capital Revitalization Corporation

NCRC Board, 000503.jpg (16439 bytes)
NCRC Board Nominees, May 3, 2000

Lloyd Smith.jpg (15530 bytes)
Lloyd Smith

Madeline Petty.jpg (19776 bytes)
Madeline Petty

F. Joseph Maravec.jpg (15482 bytes)
F. Joseph Maravec

Karen Hardwick.jpg (15306 bytes)
Karen Hardwick

Lawrence Parks.jpg (20429 bytes)
Lawrence Parks

J. Roderick Heller.jpg (22957 bytes)
J. Roderick Heller

C. Greg Farmer.jpg (22024 bytes)
C. Greg Farmer


district.jpg (65942 bytes)
The District Building with Boss Shepherd Statue

DCGeneral.jpg (127902 bytes)
DC General Hospital

reeves.jpg (90955 bytes)
Lobby of the Reeves Municipal Center

RFK.jpg (31623 bytes)
RFK Stadium

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