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Newsletters by Sandra Seegars

Sandra Seegars edits One Page at a Time primarily for Ward 8 residents. She supports the newsletter herself, although she accepts donations from her readers to subsidize photocopying and mailing costs. The address of One Page at a Time is 1107 Savannah Street, SE, Washington, DC 20032. Sandra submits the following biography:

I am the editor of the newsletter One Page at a Time. I became politically active in 1992 when I supported Marion Barry for the Ward 8 City Council race.

In 1995, when Council member Marion Barry self-centeredly ran for mayor, and endorsed a neophyte for Ward 8 councilmember, Eydie Whittington, he reinforced the fact that he really didn't care about Ward 8 or the city. At that point I began a campaign to rid non-performing, corrupt and inept government personnel.

I began writing the newsletter in October 1995 to inform the apathetically, misinformed and uninformed Ward 8 residents. The newsletter gained city wide attention, that included the Washington Post, Washington Times, City Paper and Informer.

It has also acquired a great interest from DC government department heads and employees; and law enforcement agencies.

I thank all of my readers and supporters.

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