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January 2008 Federation News

Suggested Advisory Neighborhood Commission Financial Procedures

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The Federation of Citizens Associations
of the District of Columbia

Organized 1910 ~Incorporated 1940
3710 S Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 338-5164 phone/fax

A Unique Moment

The challenges currently facing the District of Columbia have made concerted, coordinated citizen action more important than ever. One organization is uniquely positioned to serve as a coordinating body for citizens' interests.

A Special Organization

The purpose of the Federation is

  • to work for the strengthening of residential communities and neighborhoods

  • to provide a forum for the expression and interchange of opinion

  • to further the interests of the people of the District of Columbia

  • to secure and make effective united action

The Federation's activities involve issues of local as well as citywide interest, and may include testifying on behalf of the citizens of the District before District agencies, before the Control Board, and before the Congress of the United States.

The Federation also serves as liaison with Congressional staff members on matters important to District citizens, and engages in litigation when necessary. It also works in concert with other citizen organizations to accomplish specific goals.


Membership in the Federation is available to any citizens association that includes within its purposes the advancement of its community's interests and those of the people of the District of Columbia.

Member associations should have at least 25 paid members, hold regularly ordered meetings, and be organized for civic work. By joining the Federation, an association in no way limits its liberty of action on any subject.

Member associations may send up to three voting delegates to each monthly meeting, normally held on the second Tuesday of each month from September through June. Meetings take place at the Sumner School. Dues at $60 annually.

Supporting Associations: 

American University Park Citizens Ass'n ~ Association of Oldest Inhabitants ~ Burleith Citizens Ass'n ~ Capital Hill Restoration Society ~ Cardozo-Shaw Neighborhood Ass'n ~ Chevy Chase Citizens Ass'n ~ Citizens Ass'n of Georgetown ~ Cleveland Park Citizens Ass'n ~ Cloisters Homeowners Ass'n ~ Columbia Heights Civic Ass'n ~Columbia Plaza Tenants Ass'n ~ Concerned Neighbors Coalition ~ Crestwood Neighborhood League ~ Dupont Circle Citizens Ass'n ~ Foggy Bottom Ass'n ~ Forest Hill Citizens Ass'n ~ Fort GAines Citizen's Ass'n ~ Fort Lincoln Civic Ass'n ~ Foxhall Community Citizens Ass'n ~ Georgetown Residents Alliance ~ Glover Park Citizens Ass'n ~ Hillandale Homeowners Ass'n ~ Hillcrest Community Civic Ass'n ~ Kalorama Citizens Ass'n ~ Manor Park Citizens Ass'n ~ Marshall Heights Civic Ass'n ~ Michigan Park Citizens Ass'n ~ Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Alliance ~ Neighbors for a Livable Community ~ North Michigan Park Civic Ass'n ~ Palisades Citizens Ass'n ~ Penn-Branch Citizen/Civic Ass'n ~ Residential Action Coalition ~ Shephard Park Citizens Ass'n ~ Sixteenth St Heights Citizens Ass'n ~ Southwest Neighborhood Alliance ~ Spring Valley Court Citizens Ass'n ~ Spring Valley-Wesley Heights Citizens Ass'n.~ Takoma Park Citizens Ass'n ~ West End Citizens Ass'n ~ Woodley Park Community Ass'n

Officers for 2006-2007

President George Clark, Forest Hills Citizens Association
First Vice President Anne Renshaw, Chevy Chase Citizens Association
Second Vice President James H. Jones, Blagden Terrace Neighborhood Council
Secretary Sally MacDonald, Woodley Park Community Association
Treasurer Allen Beach, Chevy Chase Citizens Association
Directors Patrick Allen, Association of Oldest Inhabitants
Gale Black, Crestwood Citizens Association
Dino Drudi, Michigan Park Citizens Association
Kathryn Eckles, Residential Action Coalition
Elizabeth Elliot, Foggy Bottom
Carroll Green, Past President, Manor Park Citizens Association
James Jones, Crestwood
Ann Loikow, Cleveland Park Citizens Association
Anne Renshaw, Chevy Chase
Louis Wassell, 16th Street Neighborhood Association
A.L. Wheeler, Oldest Inhabitant

Quarterly Luncheons

In addition to the monthly delegate Assembly meetings, the Federation hosts quarter luncheon meetings to further facilitate networking and communication among member associations and delegates.

Held in a centrally located downtown facility and at modest cost, these luncheons have been an important part of the cohesion among members.

Inquiries about membership can be sent to:

Federation of Citizens Associations
3710 S Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

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