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Vacancies on Boards and Commissions
List last updated on December 02, 2013




Dorothy Brizill
Bonnie Cain
Jim Dougherty
Gary Imhoff
Phil Mendelson
Mark David Richards
Sandra Seegars


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Parents United
Shaw Coalition



What Is DCWatch?

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The following list of vacancies is provided by the Office of the Special Assistant to the Mayor for Boards and Commissions. Use the find function of your browser to locate a particular board. This list is not necessarily authoritative. For example, vacancies are listed on the Commission on Women, and that commission is still operating, even though it has been legally defunded by the City Council.

For additional information about a specific board, telephone 202-727-1372 or write to Marie Drissel, Special Assistant to the Mayor for Boards and Commissions, 441 4th Street, N.W., Suite 1050N, Washington, DC 20001.

How to Be Nominated to a Board or Commission
by Dorothy Brizill

In order of importance: (1) be a long-time supporter of the Mayor; (2) contribute to the Mayor; (3) get out the vote for the Mayor; (4) be a friend of a friend of the Mayor; (5) have the support of the special interests that benefit from or are regulated by the board or commission; and (6) have the support of your Ward Councilmember. On rare occasions, it may be marginally helpful to have some expertise in the field.

The Office of the Special Assistant to the Mayor for Boards and Commissions writes that "individuals should not hesitate to nominate themselves." In practice, nearly all nominations are made by the individuals themselves. Endorsement letters from the special interests involved, the Councilmember, and the Mayor are vital for any serious attempt to be nominated to a board or commission. This office is extremely slow to act, and most vacancies remain vacant for months, if not years. Continual pressure is necessary in order to be appointed to any vacancy.

Membership on most boards and commissions is restricted to District of Columbia residents and preference is given to candidates who live in the District -- except that most business-related boards or commissions have members who use their DC office addresses instead of their Maryland or Virginia home addresses.

Nominations should be made by a letter directed to Mayor Anthony Williams, One Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20001. Letters should include the board or boards to which nomination is sought, the name, home address, and day and evening telephone numbers of the nominee, and a résumé "listing relevant experience as well as community and civic activities." Then lobby, lobby, lobby, lobby.

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Accountancy, Board of 1 now 1 consumer
Acupuncture Advisory Commission 3 now 1 physician/acupuncturist, 1 acupuncturist, 1 government
Aging Commission 10 now Public members
African-Caribbean Affairs Commission 11 now Public members
Alcoholic Beverage Control Board 1 now Expertise as per law
Appeals and Review Board 7 now 1 legal, 2 public, 4 government
Apprenticeship Council 5 now Employer and employee representative members, public members
Architects and Interior Designers Board 1 now Interior designer member
Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs Committee 2 now Public members
Barber and Cosmetology Board 2 now 1 barber, 1 consumer
Blind and Other Severely Handicapped 8 now Public members
Chesapeake Bay Sci/Tech. Board 5 now Technical experts
Child Abuse and Neglect Committee 8 now Public members
Child Fatality Review Committee 6 now Public citizen members
Chiropractic Board 4 now Expertise as per law
Community Humanities Council 3 now Public, university teachers and administrators
Compliance Advisory Panel 2 now Expertise as per law
Contract Appeals Board 1 now Attorney member
Dietetics and Nutrition Board 2 now 1 nutritionist, 1 consumer
Economic Development Finance Corporation 5 now Economic development expertise
Education Licensure Commission 1 now Expertise as per law
Emergency Medical Services Committee 18 now Labor, providers, consumers, public
Employee Appeals, Office of 1 now Expertise as per law
Employee Compensation Appeals Board 1 now Expertise as per law
Environmental Planning Commission 4 now Business representatives
Funeral Directors Board 2 now 2 funeral directors
Historic Preservation Review Board 1 now Expertise as per law
Housing Finance Agency Board 2 now Expertise as per law
Human Rights Commission 2 now Public members
Juvenile Justice Advisory Group 15 now Public and youth members
Latino Community Development Commission 10 now Public and resident aliens members
Local Business Opportunity Commission 2 now Public members
Medicine Board 2 now 1 physician, 1 consumer
Metabolic Disorders Committee 4 now Expertise as per law
Nursing Home Administration Board 3 now 1 physician, 1 nursing home administrator, 1 educator
Occupational Safety and Health Board 3 now Expertise as per law
Occupational Therapy Board 3 now 1 licensed OT, 1 OT assistant, 1 consumer
Optometry Board 2 now 1 optometry member, 1 consumer
Pharmacy Board 1 now 1 consumer
Physical Therapy Board 1 now Physical therapist member
Physician Assistants Advisory Board 3 now 1 licensed physician, 1 physician assistant, 1 government
Placement of Children in Family Homes 16 now Providers, public, and consumers
Podiatry Board 1 now 1 podiatrist
Potomac River Basin, Interstate Commission on the 1 now Expertise as per law
Professional Counseling, Board of 1 now Expertise as per law
Public Access Corporation Board of Directors 2 now Public members
Public Housing, Executive Committee on 1 now Expertise as per law
Public Defender Service Board 11 now 7 attorneys, 4 public members
Public Trust Drug Prevention Board 8 now 6 public members, 2 government
Real Property Assessment and Appeals Board 7 now Expertise as per law
Security Advisory Committee 3 now Expertise as per law
Social Worker Board 3 now Expertise as per law
Sports and Entertainment Commission 1 now Expertise as per law
State Rehabilitation Advisory Council 9 now Disabled persons, parents of the disabled
Statewide Independent Living Advisory Council 9 now Individuals with disabilities
Violence Against Women Commission 9 now Public, providers and advocates

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