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Consultant Contract Proposal
Hamilton, Rabinovitz & Alschuler, Inc.
January 6, 2000




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Policy, Financial & Management Consultants

January 6, 2000

ElChino Martin
Chief of Staff
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development
One Judiciary Square, Suite 1140N
Washington, DC 20001

Dear Mr. Martin:

This letter presents a proposal from HR&A to the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development. The purpose of this proposal is to recommend to the Deputy Mayor an initial mandate for the soon to be established National Capitol Revitalization Corporation (NCRC). This Corporation is expected to play a significant role in promoting economic and community development in the District of Columbia.

As proposed by the President and enacted into statute by the Council of the District of Columbia, NCRC's charter is sweeping. The possible breadth of this mandate includes virtually all forms of financial assistance, essentially any type of physical development and other initiatives, such as workforce development, designed to augment the economy of the District and/or to connect the City's residents to private sector employment Because each is significant, it is important that the NCRC begin by defining an initial scope of activities that leads to concrete accomplishments.

The primary purpose, therefore, of this proposed consulting assignment, is to produce a carefully defined initial mission statement for the NCRC. The specific outcomes and the methodology for this assignment are described below.

Scope of Work

The activities to be conducted under this Scope include:

1. Initial Reconnaissance. In order to understand the context leading up to the creation of the Corporation and the environment in which it will work, HR&A will:

1.1. Interview major stakeholders, including representatives of the Control Board, the Council, and key knowledgeables in the District.

1.2. Interview leaders from within D.C.'s government, including the Deputy Mayor and a select number of his direct reports.

1.3. Carefully review the NCRC legislation, including alterations made during its legislative history.

1.4. Conduct a limited literature review including, but not limited to, previous studies by CUED and other documents prepared by the Strategic Economic Development Plan.

2. The NCRC in Context. All major cities conduct an extensive economic development operation and virtually all have some sort of quasi-public corporation that works in conjunction with the City. To understand the lessons learned from other cities, HR&A will:

2.1. Select 5-7 comparable cities such as Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, etc.

2.2. Prepare a profile of their quasi-public development entities.

2.3. Compare that profile to the mission of the NCRC.

2.4. Summarize the lessons learned from this review for the mission of the NCRC.

3. Initial Recommendations. Based upon the data obtained from Tasks 1 and 2, and based upon HR&A's professional experience, a preliminary recommendation will be presented to the Deputy Mayor. This recommendation will include:

3.1. An initial mission statement for the NCRC.

3.2. A summary of the implications of this mission on the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

3.3. Recommended dejure and defacto relationships between the NCRC and the City administration.

3.4. A suggested staffing profile.

3.5. An initial list of priority tasks.

4. Final Recommendations. Based upon a discussion of the initial recommendations, HR&A will prepare final recommendations. They will be in a form suitable for presentation to the Mayor, the Council (if desirable), and to the Board of the NCRC.

Project Staffing and Costs

I will provide the senior professional leadership for this project with support provided by HR&A's staff. I will be present at all presentations and will personally conduct all stakeholder interviews. The proposed cost of this engagement is $24,500 for professional services, plus normal and customary expenses. The primary expenses incurred will be for travel.

It is a pleasure to be considered for this important assignment. The future of NCRC holds great promise and I look forward to working with you to bring that promise to fruition.

John H. Alschuler, Jr.

1790 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10019 · TEL: 212.977.5597 · FAX: 212.977.6202

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