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Mark Tuohey to Lead Council's Police Inquiry
January 15, 1998




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Press release Cropp remarks

Council of the District of Columbia

One Judiciary Square
441 Fourth Street N.W
Washington, D.C. 20001

JANUARY 15, 1998
Bob Hainey 724 8161


Chairman Linda W. Cropp, and Councilmembers Jack Evans and Kathy Patterson announce that former Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark H. Tuohey will lead the Council's police inquiry. Mr. Tuohey will serve as special counsel to the Council's Special Committee on Police Misconduct and Personnel Management. Tuohey, a former deputy independent counsel for the Whitewater investigation, is a partner at Vinson & Elkins. His law firm will provide a team of attorneys, paralegals and investigators to help conduct the Council's inquiry. Tuohey is also a former president of the D.C. Bar and a longtime resident of Ward 4.

Chairman Cropp says, "Mark Tuohey brings the skill and professionalism needed for the Council's oversight to be productive." Special Committee co-chair lack Evans who also chaws the Council Judiciary Committee says, ''We're delighted to have Mark on board as special counsel. His extensive law enforcement background plus his strong commitment to the District of Columbia will produce a hard-hitting and professional investigation. It will contribute in a major way to improving the operations of the police department."

Kathy Patterson, the other Special Committee co-chair, adds that Tuohey's background in the U.S. Attorney's office signals the Council's commitment to work closely with other MPD investigations. "Mark arid his team will work cooperatively with the incoming and acting U.S. Attorneys, and with the soon-to-be Inspector General, W. Barnett Prettyman, in their respective inquiries," Patterson said.

The Council investigation, authorized by the Council on December 16, will focus on policy and management issues. These issues include personnel standards and treatment of whistleblowers, processes used to report and investigate misconduct, policies on eligibility for pensions, and deficiencies in administrative and record keeping practices. The investigation will follow up allegations made during four hearings last year before the Council's Judiciary Committee and its Committee on Government Operations chaired by Councilmember Patterson. The 6-month investigation will begin immediately.

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Remarks by Chairman Linda Cropp on Naming Mark Tuohey Special Counsel

Good afternoon. I would like to thank my colleagues on the Council, Judiciary Chairman Jack Evans, Government Operations Chairman Kathy Patterson (others present) for joining me at this news conference. We are here today to introduce the person chosen by the Council to lead its inquiry into alleged misconduct chosen by the Council to lead its inquiry into alleged misconduct in the Metropolitan Police Department. As you know, last year the Council held several hearings that uncovered several allegations of misconduct in various areas of the Metropolitan Police Department including the falsifying of time sheets and alleged harassment of the people who tried to report the incidents to their supervisors.

Over the past weeks, these allegations along with the resignation of Police Chief Larry Soulsby have lowered the morale of the men and women who each and every day put their lives on the line to protect this city. The allegations have also gone a long way in diminishing the faith of District citizens in their police department.

Today the Council is taking an aggressive first step toward [sic] in getting to the bottom of these charges. It is the Council's goal to uncover any wrongdoing and make sure those responsible are punished. In turn we also hope to restore the public's faith in their law officers and lift the morale of the Metropolitan Police Force by weeding out those on the force whose actions tar the reputations of their honest and hard working colleagues.

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