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Mirian Saez Nominated to Board of Education
January 11, 2002




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The John A. Wilson Building - 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW - Washington, DC 20004c

Friday, January 11, 2002
CONTACT: Tony Bullock
(202) 727-6846

Williams Announces Nomination of Mirian Saez to the Board of Education
Appointment Would Add Hispanic Member to School Board

Mirian Saez
(Washington, DC) Mayor Anthony Williams announced today at a press conference in the John A. Wilson Building that he has named Ward 4 resident Mirian Saez to fill the existing vacancy on the DC Board of Education. Saez will be one of four members of the Board who are appointed by the Mayor.

"I am appointing someone who can ably fill the shoes of outgoing member Bob Peck and bring exciting and new directions to the work of the Board," said Williams. "I fought hard for a school board that would bring a new era of professionalism and commitment to the education of our children. I am proud of the work this Board is doing."

Ms Saez is an owner and partner in a small business that specializes in property management of public housing around the country. Currently, she serves as the Deputy Receiver of the Chester Housing Authority, in Chester, PA which has received national attention for its accomplishments and has been awarded two Hope 6 Grants. Saez has successfully managed distressed buildings in other cities, including New York, NY and Newark, NJ.

"The physical environment in which our children learn directly affects how they learn. Under Superintendent Vance and Board Member William Lockridge, our facilities modernization plan has moved forward, but we have a ways to go and I hope that we can modernize even better, and faster. I am confident Mirian can and will lend her skills to this noble effort," Williams added.

A Puerto Rican who was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio, Mirian Saez would be the only Latino currently serving on the DC School Board. "Latinos are among the fastest growing parts of our population, citywide and in the schools. Many in the community have told me the importance of increasing attention to the language minority population in DCPS. I am absolutely thrilled to name a Latino to the Board. I will be looking to Ms. Saez to reach out to our language minority community and help the Board increase its efforts to address the concerns in this area," Williams said.

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Mirian Saez

Mirian Saez is a well-respected entrepreneur and community-builder in Washington, D.C., with strong expertise in managing and improving public property and vital housing assets. She is an owner and partner in a small business that specializes nationally in the management of public housing.

Ms. Saez first came to Washington, D.C. in 1993 as a Presidential appointee at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. She assisted in policy development and served as onsite liaison during the Northridge Earthquake and the desegregation efforts in Vidor, Texas for the Assistant Secretary of Public Housing. Ms. Saez was also the acting public housing director of the Caribbean Field Office in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Saez began her public service career as the Executive Director of the Cambridge Metropolitan Housing Authority in her native state of Ohio. She gained recognition by employing a regional approach to housing program management and gaining cost efficiency through economies of scale. During her tenure, she expanded private-partnership affordable housing programs and constructed new, low-density public housing units.

While in Ohio, Ms. Saez served on the Guernsey County Board of Mental Retardation and Development Disabilities. This board was responsible for oversight of a vocational workshop and a school. With her unique background, Ms. Saez also served on the Oversight Board of the Resolution Trust Corporation, which was charged with disposing of real estate assets in the wake of the national savings and loan crisis.

Currently, Mirian Saez serves as deputy receiver of the Chester Housing Authority in Chester, Pa. The receivership has gained national attention for its accomplishments, overseeing the demolition, rehabilitation and construction of dozens of buildings in three neighborhoods, assisting residents with job prospects and improving staffing. She also manages distressed buildings in other cities including New York and Newark, where her applied knowledge in property management, procurement and maintenance has greatly improved the performance of these properties.

Nationally, Ms. Saez serves on the boards of the National Housing Conference and the American Community Partnership, a pre-apprenticeship program to assist inner-city youth. She is also a member of the Democratic National Committee. In Washington, D.C., Ms. Saez serves on the Democratic D.C. State Committee's Party Organization and Function Committee and is Vice President of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club.

Ms. Saez earned her Master of Business Administration from Wheeling Jesuit College and her Bachelor of Science degree in public administration from Miami University of Ohio. She and her partner, Julian Potter, are residents of Ward 4 in Northwest Washington, D.C.

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825 North Capitol Street, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20002
(202) 442- 4289 Office (202) 442-5198 Fax
For Immediate Release  Contact: Elena Temple
January 11, 2001 (202)442-5190


"On behalf of District of Columbia Board of Education, I welcome Miriam Saez. The work of the Board requires the full complement of its members, and my colleagues and I are eager for her to join us. With the addition of Ms. Saez's energy and skills, we can now move full steam ahead with the business of reforming the school system to provide our children the education they need and deserve."

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January 9, 2002


Mayor Anthony Williams is going to appoint a DC resident to the DC Board of Education. We believe the announcement is early today -- Wednesday, January 9, 2002. The discussion is that it will be an individual who has only political ties to the District of Columbia and has recently become a resident of DC (just over one year), with no educational experience at all, mainly public housing administration. Most recently a partner in a New York Housing Group.

There is another candidate, Paul Ruiz, who has devoted over 25 years of professional work to the education success of all students, K-16. He has focused particularly on Latino, African American and low income students who most often are left behind. Paul is fully bi-lingual in Spanish and English, and has worked at the college and school district levels as a counselor, teacher, administrator and school principal. Paul's background is extensive in school finance. Paul has deep experience in the Latino Community and works well in the African American community.

The Parent Teacher Association of the District of Columbia is quite concerned that we were not asked for input in this process which has a tremendous impact on the policies which affect all the children in DCPS. We are asking your immediate intervention on behalf of parents and teachers in this city to ask the Mayor to appoint Paul Ruiz as the new Board of Education Member.

We believe that this should not be an appointment made based on political maneuverings but on who can have the greatest positive impact on the education of children. Paul has been active with the DCPTA as a workshop presenter and as a parent of DCPS children. He is a supporter of public education and improving it.

You probably have children or know a family member or friend who have children, thereby making you a person with interest in education. The Mayor once said to the DCPTA Board of Managers that when he was on the campaign trail, the most he heard from constituents was their interest in improving education. Let us let him know we are still interested in the quality of education of all children by letting him know that we need people on the Board of Education who truly are there for children and not to add to their resume.

Help us by e-mailing to your friends for their help. Ask them to call immediately to the mayor at 727-6263 and ask for the appointment of Paul Ruiz to fill the current vacant Board of Education seat.

Thank you for your help.

Linda Moody, President
202-563-5990 (f)

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