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DC City Council, Office of the Budget 
Eric Goulet, Director
Earmarks in Fiscal Year 2009 Budget
May 19, 2008




Dorothy Brizill
Bonnie Cain
Jim Dougherty
Gary Imhoff
Phil Mendelson
Mark David Richards
Sandra Seegars


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Agency Oversight Organization Amount Funded By Purpose
ABRA Mt. Pleasant Main Street 100,000 PWE Street cleanup (“Green Team”) and business development in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood
  ABRA - SUBTOTAL 100,000    
CAH Capital Fringe Festival 250,000 Mayor  
CAH City Dance 300,000 Mayor  
CAH Cultural Development Corp (CuDC) 200,000 PWE Source Theater operational efforts
CAH Dance Institute of Washington 300,000 PWE  
CAH DC Caribbean Carnival 150,000 PWE  
CAH DC Youth Orchestra 100,000 Mayor Outreach and recruitment efforts for youth in Ward 6, 7, and 8
CAH Duke Ellington Jazz Festival 500,000 Mayor  
CAH East of Anacostia Performing Arts State Center 200,000 COW  
CAH Fiesta DC 100,000 PWE Annual Latino Festival
CAH Fiesta DC 100,000 COW  
CAH GALA Hispanic Theater 118,000 PWE Restoration of the central ceiling dome
CAH Horning Brothers 332,000 PWE Restoration of Battisi murals at the Tivoli Theatre
CAH Humanities Council 300,000 COW  
CAH Melvin Deal 200,000 COW  
CAH National Conservancy of Dramatic Arts 50,000 FR  
CAH Northeast Performing Arts Group 50,000 Mayor  
CAH Thelonius Monk Jazz Institute 300,000 COW  
CAH U Street Theatre Foundation 200,000 PWE  
CAH Ward 7 Arts Collaborative 100,000 Mayor  
CAH Washington Ballet 1,000,000 Mayor  
CAH Washington National Opera 500,000 COW  
CAH Washington, D.C. International Film Festival 400,000 COW  
  CAH - SUBTOTAL 5,750,000    
CYITC Alliance of Concerned Men 200,000 COW  
CYITC Anacostia Community Outreach Center/Woodland Tigers Youth Sports 100,000 COW  
CYITC Because We Care Health Training 25,000 COW  
CYITC Behavior Environmental Academic Program (BEAP) 50,000 COW  
CYITC Calvin Woodland, Sr. Foundation 50,000 COW  
CYITC Cease Fire…Don't Smoke the Brothers 200,000 COW  
CYITC Children's Defense Fund 50,000 COW  
CYITC CHOICE Inc. 100,000 COW  
CYITC Columbia Heights/Shaw Family Support Collaborative 1,000,000 PWE $770,000 shall be used for issuing the following subgrants: $120,000 is for Bruce-Monroe Initiative, $50,000 for Mentoring Works2 Program, and $600,000 is for gang prevention and intervention grants
CYITC Columbia Heights Youth Club 100,000 PWE  
CYITC Concerned Citizens on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Inc. 100,000 COW  
CYITC D.C. Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy 250,000 COW  
CYITC DC Special Olympics 200,000 COW  
CYITC Dress for Success 250,000 COW  
CYITC Earth Conservation Corps 500,000 Mayor  
CYITC East of the River Family Strengthening Collaborative 250,000 Mayor  
CYITC Everybody Wins! 300,000 COW  
CYITC Fort Dupont Ice Arena 250,000 Mayor  
CYITC Friends of Hillcrest Recreation Center 10,000 Mayor  
CYITC Friends of Kennedy Playground 50,000 Mayor  
CYITC Girls, Inc. 100,000 COW  
CYITC High Tea Society 50,000 Mayor  
CYITC Higher Achievement Program 75,000 Mayor  
CYITC Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund 500,000 Mayor  
CYITC Inner Thoughts, Inc. 50,000 COW  
CYITC Institute for the Prevention and Eradication of Violence 50,000 COW  
CYITC Jobs Coalition 50,000 COW  
CYITC Kids Set Sail program of the National Maritime Heritage Foundation 200,000 Mayor  
CYITC Life Pieces to Masterpieces 200,000 COW  
CYITC Lower Georgia Avenue Job Training Center at 633 Park Rd, NW 100,000 PWE  
CYITC My Buddy Notes 25,000 Mayor  
CYITC National Association of Former Foster Care Children of America, Inc. 300,000 COW  
CYITC Parklands Community Center 200,000 COW  
CYITC Peaceoholics 1,000,000 Mayor  
CYITC Positive Choices 100,000 Mayor  
CYITC PROUrban Youth 200,000 PWE  
CYITC ROOT, Inc. 100,000 COW  
CYITC Sasha Bruce Youthwork, Inc. 500,000 COW  
CYITC Set Point, Inc. 65,000 Mayor  
CYITC Ward 7 Education Initiative 60,000 Mayor  
CYITC Ward 7 Nonprofit Consortium 100,000 Mayor  
CYITC Ward 8 Tennis & Education Council 100,000 Mayor  
CYITC Ward 8 Workforce Development Council 75,000 COW  
CYITC Ward 8 Youth Leadership Council, Inc. 75,000 COW  
CYITC Washington East Foundation 50,000 Mayor  
CYITC Washington East of the River Academy/Youth on the Rise 400,000 COW  
  CYITC - SUBTOTAL 8,860,000    
DDOT Washington Area Bicyclist Association 18,000 PWE  
  DDOT - SUBTOTAL 18,000    
DHCD AEDC 700,000 COW Knox Hill Village Punch List Repairs
  DHCD - SUBTOTAL 700,000    
DHS Asian American Leadership Empowerment and Development for Youth and Families 100,000 HS  
DHS Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place 100,000 COW Continue with its mission to help District residents who are, or have been, homeless
DHS DC Central Kitchen 250,000 Mayor  
DHS Dinner Program for Homeless Women 100,000 COW  
DHS Neighbors' Consejo 100,000 PWE Bi-lingual outreach efforts to homeless & at risk people
DHS Perry School 50,000 HS “Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters” (HIPPY) program 
DHS Mount Airy Baptist Church  50,000 HS Youth development program for reducing youth violence
  DHS - SUBTOTAL 750,000    
DMH District of Columbia Birth Center 200,000 H Parental education and postpartum counseling
  DMH - SUBTOTAL 200,000    
DMPED Access Housing Incorporated, DC 500,000 COW  
DMPED Adams Morgan Main St, Group, Inc. 100,000 PWE Avalon building restoration project
DMPED Avalon Theatre 100,000 COW Assist in repairing a community-based theatre in the Chevy Chase neighborhood
DOES Byte Back 100,000 COW  
DMPED Camp Imagine 40,000 Mayor  
DMPED Capital Area Asset Builders 150,000 FR EITC outreach campaign
DMPED Capitol Hill Community Foundation 25,000 Mayor Support the development and expansion of community gardens
DMPED CHAMPS 30,000 Mayor  
DMPED Chinatown Cultural Center 100,000 COW  
DMPED Cool Capital Challenge 150,000 Mayor Help develop a voluntary carbon-dioxide emission-reduction program
DMPED Cultural Tourism DC 500,000 Mayor  
DMPED Cultural Tourism DC 100,000 COW East of the River Trails
DMPED DC Economic Partnership 1,000,000 Mayor  
DMPED DC Vote 500,000 Mayor  
DMPED Ethiopia Community Service & Development Council (who were displaced in the 5-alarm fire in Mount Pleasant Deauville Apartment Building) 100,000 PWE  
DMPED Field of Dreams 200,000 COW  
DMPED Ford’s Theatre Society, a District of Columbia nonprofit corporation 10,000,000 Mayor  
DMPED Friends of Book Hill Park 50,000 Mayor  
DMPED Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce 100,000 COW  
DMPED Greater Washington Sports Alliance 500,000 COW  
DMPED Greater Washington Urban League, Inc. 400,000 COW  
DMPED GreenSPACE 250,000 PSJ Development of green collar jobs
DMPED Historical Society of Washington 600,000 500K Mayor, 100K COW  
DMPED Keely's Boxing and Youth Center 232,000 COW  
DMPED Lincoln Theatre 1,000,000 PWE Structural upgrade
DMPED Marshall Heights Community Development Organization 250,000 Mayor  
DMPED National Building Museum 300,000 Mayor  
DMPED National Cherry Blossom Festival 200,000 COW  
DMPED National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship-Greater Washington 100,000 COW  
DMPED Neighbors United 150,000 COW  
DOES OIC/DC 2,000,000 COW  
DMPED Safe, Inc. 50,000 COW  
DMPED Southeastern University 1,500,000 Mayor  
DMPED Sports 4 Kids 22,000 COW  
DMPED St. Phillip Episcopal Church 100,000 COW  
DMPED Takoma Theatre 100,000 COW Market analysis and planning study
DMPED THEARC 2,000,000 Mayor  
DMPED Training Grounds 100,000 COW  
DMPED University of the District of Columbia Fashion Merchandising Program 100,000 COW  
DMPED Vietnamese-American Community Service Center 100,000 PWE Enhance services to the community
DMPED Ward 7 Business and Professional Association 100,000 Mayor  
DMPED Ward 8 Clean and Green, Inc. 75,000 COW  
DMPED Ward 8 Education Council 75,000 COW  
DMPED Washington Area Women in Trades 200,000 Mayor Pre-vocational, pre-apprenticeship training aimed at helping place low-income women in high-paying jobs
DMPED Washington Parks and People 200,000 PWE Howard University archeological team
DMPED Washington Parks and People  140,000 PWE Reclaim 4 parcels of vacant properties in North Columbia Heights
DMPED Young's Memorial Church 50,000 COW  
  DMPED - SUBTOTAL 24,739,000    
DOH Capital Breast Care Center 250,000 FR  
DOH Capital Breast Care Center 250,000 Mayor  
DOH Crystal Meth Wokring Group 100,000 H Expanded substance abuse prevention programs
DOH D.C. Area Health Education Citywide Health Navigation Institute 50,000 COW  
DOH D.C. Assembly for School-Based Health Care 100,000 H Provide operational and infrastructure support for school health policies and programs for the District
DOH D.C. Hospital Association 75,000 H Terrorism response planning coordination services
DOH D.C. Primary Care Association 1,500,000 H Operational expenses for the Medical Homes DC project
DOH District of Columbia Birth Center 200,000 H Maternal and child support
DOH Food and Friends 300,000 H Clinical nutritional support to adults and children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses
DOH Food and Friends 300,000 H Clinical nutritional support to adults and children with HIV/AIDS
DOH Food and Friends 200,000 Mayor  
DOH Mary's Center 500,000 H Home visitation programs
DOH National Capital Poison Center 250,000 H Operational support for poison-control activities
DOH Reeves Recovery Group, Inc. 100,000 PWE  
DOH So Others Might Eat, Inc. (SOME) 50,000 COW  
DOH Southeastern University 500,000 H Allied health-training programs
DOH Transgender Health Empowerment, Inc. 150,000 H HIV/AIDS primary care and prevention programs that target the transgender population
DOH Ward 8 Clean and Sober, Inc. 75,000 COW  
DOH Ward 8 Health Council 75,000 COW  
  DOH - SUBTOTAL 5,025,000    
DPR Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington 500,000 COW  
  DPR - SUBTOTAL 600,000    
DSLBD Old Takoma Park Business Association 30,000 COW  
DSLBD Ward 8 Business Council 100,000 COW  
  DSLBD - SUBTOTAL 130,000    
JGA Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington 325,000 PSJ  
JGA Time Dollar Youth Court Diversion Program 400,000 PSJ  
JGA Visitor's Services Center 125,000 PSJ  
  JGA - SUBTOTAL 850,000    
MPD Camp Ernest W. Brown  200,000 PSJ  
  MPD - SUBTOTAL 200,000    
TOTAL 47,922,000    
May 19, 2008

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