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DCWatch press release on Office of Campaign Finance Order
June 16, 2000

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Office of Campaign Finance Order Mayor’s press release on order

1327 Girard Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20009-4915
202-234-6982, fax 202-232-1215

June 16, 2000

DCWatch Welcomes Office of Campaign Finance Findings

Statement by Dorothy Brizill

I welcome the clear and unequivocal finding by the Office of Campaign Finance that it is improper and illegal to use government workers, government facilities, and government supplies, all paid for by taxpayers, to campaign for or against one side in a political election. I also thank them for their immediate attention to and speedy resolution of this issue.

The law is clear, and has always been clear. It is wrong to use government resources in a partisan election between candidates, and it is wrong to use them in a nonpartisan election for an initiative, referendum, or charter amendment. This decision ends an intended corruption of the election process and promotes the chance of a fair election on June 27.

I hope that Mayor Williams will understand and accept that these findings bind him, and prevent him from continuing to use the power of his office to command government employees, resources, and taxpayers’ funds to sway this election.

My original complaint on June 9 was to both the Office of Campaign Finance and the Board of Elections and Ethics. Today, the OCF has dealt with some of the issues raised in the complaint. I shall continue to pursue these issues with the Board of Elections. In addition, next week I shall file additional complaints with the OCF and the Board of Elections covering issues that were raised in the supplement to my complaint on June 14: (1) the secret separate campaign fund established at DC Agenda for the June 27 election that has not been filed with the OCF; (2) the false and incomplete reports of receipts and expenditures in the June 9 filing by the New School Leadership Committee; (3) the use of DC government vehicles during non-working hours; and (4) the violation of election regulations by senior government employees.

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