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Office of Campaign Finance Accepts Complaint
June 12, 2000

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Complaint by DCWatch


(202) 671-0550

June 12, 2000

Dorothy A. Brizill
Executive Director
D.C. Watch
1327 Girard Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20009-4915

Re: MUR #00-01

Dear Ms. Brizill:

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your June 9, 2000 complaint received in this Office on same regarding possible violations of the enclosed District of Columbia Personnel Regulations (the Standards of Conduct) at l803.l, 1804.1(b) and 1806.1 (in part) by Mayor Anthony Williams. Following the review of your complaint for legal sufficiency, the complaint was accepted for filing as of June 12, 2000, and an Investigation was initiated.

In the complaint, you allege that Mayor Williams has and will use District government employees during normal work hours and District government facilities and supplies to assist him in supporting Charter Amendment #3, the "School Governance Charter Amendment" (Amendment), which will be voted on in a special election on June 27, 2000. Yon also allege that the Mayor will financially facilitate this endeavor with public money and that, at a press conference the Mayor held on June 8, 2000 announcing his support for the Amendment, District employees could be found wearing campaign buttons and distributing campaign materials in support of the Amendment without the proper disclaimer information.

The relevant sections of the Standards of Conduct read:

1803.1 states: "An employee shall avoid action, whether or not specifically prohibited by this chapter, which might result in, or create the appearance of the following; (a) using public office for private gain; (b) giving preferential treatment to any person; (c) impeding government efficiency or economy; (d) losing complete independence or impartiality; (e) making a government decision outside official channels; or (f) affecting adversely the confidence of the public in the integrity of government."

1804.1(b) states a government employee cannot use: "[g]overnment time or resources for other than official business, or government approved or sponsored activities, except that a District employee may spend a reasonable amount of government time and resources on such projects, reports, and studies as may be considered in aid of other government jurisdictions (local, state, or federal), provided the work so performed is within the scope of the individual's regular assignments as a District employee."

1806.1 states (in part): "A District employee shall not use or permit the use of government property, equipment, material of any kind, including that acquired through lease, for other than officially approved purposes. An employee has a positive duty to protect and conserve government property, including such equipment, supplies, materials, and other items as may be issued or entrusted to him or her."

The Office of Campaign Finance opened an investigation of this matter today to determine whether there is any merit to the allegations. See Sections 1801 and 1802 of the District Personnel Manual. This investigation is not an adversarial or adjudicatory process. However, because of the serious nature of this matter and to expedite it as quickly as possible, you must provide this Office with any farther information you may have, memorialized in a written notarized document, with any necessary attachments, concerning this matter on or before close of business on June 14, 2000.

Please refer to the above referenced MUR number on ail future correspondence. If you have any questions, contact Kathy S. Williams, General Counsel, on (202) 671-0554.


Cecily E Collier-Montgomery


cc: Jean S. Diggs
Chief of Staff

Kathy S. Williams
General Counsel

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