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Just Vote No!

June 27th

Ballot Measure #3

  • Extends Control Board Power over DC Schools
    During this time a new Superintendent of schools can be chosen by non-elected, Congressionally appointed panel!
  • Abolishes Representation on Board of Education
    Combines 8 wards into 4 school districts, guarantees only 1 member from east of the river. Yet, nearly 60% of students come from east of the river!
  • Allows Mayor to Appoint 4 Board Members
    Abolishes a fully elected Board of Education. Abolishes 2 At-Large seats. Creates a political split among Board members. Removes Board from direct voter choice!
  • No Parent Organizations asked for it!
    The DC Council forced the measure onto the ballot under Control Board Pressure, against almost unanimous community opposition during hearings.
  • Transfers Education Powers To Council
    in matters of State Education Authority. After failing to hold promised public hearings. This may include School Charters, Federal Grant Programs, academic accountability, and many others! Also removes authority to approve contracts with school employees.

Just Vote No! June 27th:
Opposed by the Democratic, Republican, Statehood/Green and Umoja parties.

Just Vote No! Committee, Phillip Blair, Treasurer: A copy of our report will be filed with the Office of Campaign Finance

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