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Director of the Office of Human Rights Charles F. Holman, III, Confirmation Resolution of 2000
PR 13-800

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Chairman Linda W. Cropp at the request of the Mayor


Chairman Cropp, at the request of the Mayor, introduced the following resolution, which was referred to the Committee on Government Operations.

To confirm the Mayoral appointment of Mr. Charles F. Holman, III as the Director of the Office of Human Rights.

RESOLVED, BY THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, That this resolution may be cited as the "Director of the Office of Human Rights Charles F. Holman, III Confirmation Resolution of 2000".

Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia confirms the appointment of:

Charles F. Holman, III
4211 Harbour Town Drive
Calverton, MD 20705

as the Director of the Office of Human Rights, in accordance with Section 2 of the Confirmation Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979, (D.C. Law 2-142; D.C. Code, sec. 1-633.7) to serve at the pleasure of the Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Sec. 3. The Council of the District of Columbia shall transmit a copy of this resolution, upon its adoption, each to the nominee and to the Office of the Mayor.

Sec. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately.

4211 Harbour Town Drive
Calverton, MD 20705
(301) 931-2705 - home (202) 353-0123 - office


Juris Doctor, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Awarded June 1980. Received distinction as one of the youngest graduates in the law school's history.

Bachelor of General Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Awarded August 1977. (Graduated at the age 19). Academic concentration: American History, Speech Communication and Political Science.


Housing & Civil Enforcement Section. Civil Rights Division. U.S. Dept. of Justice. Washington, D.C. - Senior Trial Attorney, (1998 - Present) Investigated and prosecuted civil cases of discrimination in housing and public accommodations based on race and national origin across the nation. Supervised agents from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and FBI in the collection of evidence for housing discrimination cases. Provided outreach and guidance to civil rights groups and members of the public in discrimination cases across the country.

National Church Arson Task Force. U.S. Dept. Of Justice. Washington. D.C. - Prosecutor. (1997 -1998) Selected from a nationwide pool of Assistant United States Attorneys to serve a one-year detail which prosecuted cases of church arson for a task force established by President Clinton. Supervised and led teams of Assistant United States Attorneys, FBI and ATF agents and paralegals in the investigation of high-profile arson cases across the country. Solved and successfully prosecuted racially motivated arson cases through all steps of the criminal justice system. Provided briefings for the Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Received personal citation from FBI Director Louis Freeh for outstanding work.

United States Attorney's Office Detroit Michigan - Assistant United States Attorney . (1990 - 1997) Prosecuted criminal cases involving the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics, bank robbery, food stamp fraud, counterfeiting, illegal firearms and bombs. Directed FBI, ATF, Postal Service, Customs, Secret Service and other agents from a variety of agencies in investigating and collecting of evidence. Handled cases through all aspects of the criminal justice system. Defended the United States in employment discrimination cases. Acquired extensive federal court trial experience in both criminal and civil cases. Achieved victory in every case tried before a judge or jury.

Lewis, White and Clay;. P.C., Detroit, Michigan - Associate Attorney. (1988 - 1990) Litigated cases for major clients in a variety of areas involving employment discrimination, insurance, personal injury and railroad law at a high-profile law firm.

U.S. Equal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Detroit. Michigan - Civil Rights Trial Attorney. (1987 -1988). Directed investigators in the collection of evidence in employment discrimination cases involving violations of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Evaluated and recommended cases for litigation to the Commission. Litigated cases involving discrimination based on race, sex, national origin and age. Provided guidance to employers and the public on civil rights law. Acquired significant litigation experience.

Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Lansing, Michigan - Adjunct Professor of Law. (1984). Taught the course "Legislative Interpretation and Drafting" which closely examined the elements and structure of statutory laws and the techniques for correctly interpreting and constructing federal and state laws, administrative rules, municipal ordinances and legislative histories.

City of Detroit, Law Department, Detroit, Michigan - Assistant Corporation Counsel. (1983) Performed a nine month detail in order to serve as the principal drafter of a city ordinance to award millions of dollars in city contracts to small, minority and woman owned businesses. Advised the Mayor and City Council on issues related to the ordinance. Supervised a team of researchers on gathering evidence to support the ordinance and to obtain models from other jurisdictions.

Michigan Legislative Service Bureau Legal Drafting Division - Legal Counsel. (1980 1987) Authored and prepared legislation for members of the Michigan Legislature. Provided legal counsel to legislators and legislative committees on the legality and constitutionality of proposed legislation. Performed legal research to determine their impact of proposed legislation on existing laws.

Michigan Department of Civil Rights Legal Bureau - Law Clerk (1978 - 1980). Prepared legal memorandums, legal research, correspondence and provided assistance to the Bureau Director. Participated in investigatory processes and in an internal review and analysis of Michigan's enforcement of anti-discrimination laws. Supplemented this work experience with a fellowship at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) under the sponsorship of the Law Student's Civil Rights Research Council. Acquired a firm understanding of civil rights laws, enforcement and advocacy.


Commissioner, State Bar of Michigan (1990 - 1992)
Chairperson, Young Lawyers Section, State Bar of Michigan (1991 - 1992)
Director, NAACP National Board of Directors (1977 - 1978 and 1981 - 1983).

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Office of the Director
Washington. D. C. 10535

April 21, 1999

Charles F. Holman III, Esq.
Housing and Civil Enforcement Section
Civil Rights Division
Department of Justice
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Holman:

I would like to congratulate you on your successful prosecution of Robbie Treece, Jerry Jones, and Michelle Dunn for arson and Ronald Allen Delk for a shot fired at the Universal Church of God in Shirley, Arkansas, acts that were determined to be racially motivated.

As a member of the National Church Arson Task Force, you brought a wealth of experience in investigating and prosecuting arson cases to this multiagency investigation. I want you to know how much I appreciate your traveling to Arkansas on numerous occasions to oversee the efforts of the investigative team, which benefited immeasurably from your valuable suggestions and your wholehearted participation in countless interviews and other tasks. Although these trips made it necessary for you to spend considerable time away from home on weekends and holidays, I am sure you have found consolation in the knowledge that your efforts contributed immensely to the identification of four individuals who were believed to be responsible for arson at the same church two years earlier. Your professionalism, persistence, and positive attitude were especially evident during the interviews where written confessions were obtained and plea agreements were arranged with the subjects of the arson. You have every right to be proud of the plea agreements you subsequently negotiated with three of the individuals involved in the arson and a fourth individual who had shot at one of the church buildings following the fire.

My associates join me in thanking you for your strong support of the investigative team and in commending your all-out commitment to bringing to.justice those responsible for the church burning in spite of such obstacles as witness tampering and a lack of cooperation by some local officials.

Sincerely yours,

Louis J. Freeh

1 - Mr. Bill Lann Lee

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