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District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors Charles C. Johnson Confirmation Resolution of 1998
PR 12-956

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Chairman Linda C. Cropp at the request of the Mayor


To confirm the reappointment of Mr. Charles C. Johnson, Jr. to the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors.

RESOLVED, BY THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, That this resolution may be cited as the "District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors Charles C. Johnson Confirmation Resolution of 1998".

Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia confirms the reappointment of:

Charles C. Johnson, Jr.
2801 New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Suite 1415
Washington, D.C. 20007
(Ward 3)

as a Alternate member of the Board, established by section 2(d) of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority Board of Directors Establishment and Department of Public Works Reorganization Act of 1996, effective April 18, 1996 (D.C. Law 11 111; 43 DCR 548), for a term to end September 12, 2002.

Sec. 3. The Council of the District of Columbia shall transmit a copy of this resolution, upon its adoption, each to the nominee and to the Office of the Mayor.

Sec. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately.

SUITE 1415
TELEPHONE: (202) 337-5512

Spanning an environmental engineering career of more than 40 years, Mr. Johnson has been responsible for administration environmental programs (air, water, solid wastes, radiological health, occupational health, food and drugs, urban planning, and sanitation) at Federal and City levels; implementation of water supply and waste disposal construction programs, consultation on water supply and sanitation programs (foreign and domestic); administration of academic research and development programs; and teaching at University level.


B.S. (Civil Engineering) 1947, Purdue University
M.S. (Civil Engineering) 1957, Purdue University


Diplomate: American Academy of Environmental Engineers
Professional Engineer: District of Columbia and Maryland


C.C. Johnson & Malhotra, P.C. (1979 to 1991), President
Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. (1974-1979), Vice President
Washington Technical Institute (1972-1974), Vice President
American Public Health Association (1971-1972), Associate Executive Director
U.S. Public Health Service (1947-1971), Assistant Surgeon General


Mr. Johnson has had a long and varied career in environmental engineering and public health. He has had the responsibility of managing and administering programs reflecting every concern for the environment, including pesticides, air pollution, water, radiation, solid waste, food and drugs, occupational health, and community sanitation. As the Administrator of the Environmental Health Service in the former U.S. Department of HEW, and the Assistant Commissioner of Health for New York City, he gained an indepth knowledge and and understanding of Federal, State, Local, public, and industry relationships recognizing their functions, responsibilities and authorities. He is familiar with public policy, rules, and guidelines associated with environmental programs, some of which he helped to develop during his career in and following his retirement from Federal Service. At the Federal Level, he has managed multiple faceted environmental programs involving several professional disciplines, annual budgets up to $500 million (budgets included program and construction activities) and a maximum total staff of nearly 11,000 persons. His government service activities and responsibilities enabled him to acquire an intimate knowledge of, and experience with, the Federal government process; and a reputation as a sound manager and administrator. These experiences have given him the hands-on opportunity to develop, direct, and administer environmental activities associated with program development, research, enforcement programs, monitoring for compliance, provisions of technical support and training, establishment of information systems, systems analysis and interaction with the public and community groups; he is a retired Assistant Surgeon General of the USPHS and former Administrator of the Environmental Health Service. In C.C.Johnson & Malhotra, P.C. (CCJM) he was the President and Chief Executive Officer.

  • Participated as U.S. representative in efforts to develop water supplies in Liberia and Senegal.
  • Directed U.S. efforts to bring safe drinking water to the homes of 500,000 American Indians residing on Reservation Lands.
  • Responsibility for managing a multi-million dollar R&D program for the Washington Technical Institute. These funds included grants from multiple Federal and District of Columbia agencies alloted to several schools at the Institute.
  • Responsibility for management of the resources allotted to CCJM to implement Superfund contracts. These contract funds total approximately $15 million dollars and represented hundreds of work assignments.
  • Establishing CCJM, increasing the staff from 3 to 113 persons, and the annual revenues over the last 5 year's from 2 to 7 million dollars.
  • Ability to maintain a high quality work output through the recruitment and retention of highly qualified and competent staff.
  • Managing a staff of 700 professional technical persons in enforcing the environmental health laws of NYC Health Department. This involved developing, supporting and implementing a program and budget of $6–7 million, that assured staffing, material, and equipment required to obtain the program objectives.


American Public Health Association (Fellow)
American Water Works Association (Honorary Member)
National Environmental Health Association (Honorary Member)
National Academy of Engineering
Water Pollution Control Federation


Elected Member, National Academy of Engineering, 1990
Assistant Secretary for Health's (U.S. Dept. HHS) Award for Exceptional Achievement, 1989
Elected Member, North High School (Des Moines, IA) Hall of Fame, 1988
Chairman, National Drinking Water Advisory Council, 1975-1981
Member, Advisory Committee on Water Data for Public Use,
U.S. Geological Survey, Department of Interior, 1979-1980
Walter F. Snyder Award; National Environmental Health Association and the National Sanitation Foundation, 1977
Member, Engineering Advisory Council of Purdue University School of Engineering, 1972-1977
Member, Advisory Council of Stanford University School of Engineering, 1969-1977
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Environmental Medicine, New York University, 1976
Member, State Maryland Drinking Water Advisory Committee, 1975
Member, Technical Advisory Group, Municipal Wastewater Systems, Environmental Protection Agency, 1973-1975

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