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Kweku Toure, Independent candidate for
At-Large Councilmember in the
November 5, 2002, General Election
October 2002

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Are you concerned that city services are not meeting your basic needs? Are you frustrated because your elected legislators don't seem to be hearing your voice? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you are ready for a MOVEMENT for COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT.

Kweku Toure is building such a movement and is rallying the District's residents to get behind him in support of his DC Council At-Large candidacy.

A native Washingtonian, Kweku Toure has a .personal stake in ensuring that our legislature and the legislative process are in alignment with the will and needs of the people. Kweku Toure shares the concerns of many residents who feel that the current District Council is turning its back on those who have endured the District's darker days. Economic development is leaving a large segment of our population behind, while basic services essential for becoming viable citizens fail to be met.

Through a combination of Pro-Active Progressive Legislation and Increased Agency. Oversight, Kweku Toure plans to serve the District and bridge the existing gap between District services and the District's residents.

Measurable outcomes will be achieved in these areas through the introduction of legislation that speaks to your Political Freedoms. Kweku Toure believes that the existing Council lacks the compassion and common sense approach necessary to pull the District together. His compassion and common sense approach to legislation promises to bring about much needed change.

Kweku Toure contends that to fully utilize the seat, the vote, and authority of the Council on behalf of your political freedoms, he must commit to the following:

  • Holding regular public forums and hearings on community issues where the public can voice their concerns

  • Developing and overseeing the budget and budget process so that it benefits all citizens

  • Strengthening public oversight of government programs and agencies

  • Initiating and following through on investigations of government waste, fraud, and managerial incompetence

Toure, Jesse Jackson, Nelson Mandela
Born and reared in Northwest DC, Kweku Toure received his high school diploma from Spingarn Senior High School, and completed a trade at Phelps Career Center, in 1984. He earned his Bachelors of Art Degree in 1989 from Virginia State University, where he majored in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice.

A devoted family man, Kweku Toure is ready, willing, and able to serve the citizens of the District of Columbia as a representative on the DC City Council.

However, it is not all about the man, but the plan. Any grassroots MOVEMENT for COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT requires major community support. Kweku Toure's plan is inclusive and will rely heavily on community involvement.

November 5th
DC Council At-Large
#4 on the ballot

Kweku Toure's has over ten years of professional experience. That experience has greatly honed his ability to discern where the gaps in services exist and how they can best be filled. He has held positions of responsibility at such agencies as the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (the District agency responsible for community supervision for adults placed on parole and probation), the DC Housing Authority, the DC Community Prevention Partnership, and the National Rainbow Coalition; in addition to leading his local civic association. This combination of work experience and community involvement coupled with extensive national and international travel makes him uniquely equipped to serve the people.

Kweku Toure plans to improve the Quality of Life for the District's residents by addressing the following critical issues:

Adequate funding and improved services for public eduction

  • Enforce legislation that re-dedicates the D.C. Lottery revenue to D.C. public schools
  • Restores a viable vocational education program with an emphasis on job placement

Public Safety
Improve public safety for all District Residents

  • Reduce recidivism and ensure successful reintegration of offenders by supporting funding for education and job training, substance abuse treatment and employment
  • Agressively oversee District agencies and require coordination with MPD in an effort to ensure safety for all

Availability of affordable housing

  • Legislate the restoration of the citizens referendum on rent control
  • Introduce legislation that places a ceiling on property tax
  • Renovate vacant buildings owned by the District to house low and moderate income District residents

Health and Human Services
Affordable and accessible healthcare for all District Residents

  • Full funding for prevention education and services for the reported 1 in 20 District residents who've tested positive for the HIV/AIDS virus
  • Improve the coordination and integration of D.C. Agencies' health services delivery

Adequately fund and improve recreational programming

  • Enhance and monitor youth enrichment programs i.e., Roving Leaders, athletic and educational after-school programs
  • Improve services to Seniors

For more information on how you can get involved
contact the
P.O. Box 76661
Washington, D.C. 20013-6661
Telephone 202-723-8874 Fax: 387-2511
Email: Web site: 

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