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Eric Rojo, Republican Candidate for 
Ward 3 Councilmember in the 
September 10, 2002 Primary
Campaign Announcement
June 14, 2002

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June 14, 2002. Flag Day and US Army Birthday

Pledging to bring accountability to the residents of Washington's Ward 3, Eric Rojo, a decorated veteran and Vietnam helicopter pilot, today announced his campaign for the Ward 3 DC council seat. Rojo a resident of ward 3 since 1988is currently an international business consultant and. He is the first republican candidate in five years to run for DC Council in ward 3. 

Eric Rojo decided to seek the council seat to better represent the citizens of ward 3 and take to head-on the serious underperformance of the current city government. He is committed to exact spending priorities and deliver accountability of how and in what our tax money is being spent, to find definitive solutions to our serious education problems and to ensure that the security and safety of citizens and our Ward and our city go hand in hand. 

"I invite all independent thinkers in our Ward to join me in institute a more citizen-oriented government that is fully responsive and responsible to us." 

Rojo has spent the last few years working on e-Government innovation, Government purchasing reform and government contracting management and has a very keen sense as to how money in government should be spent based on citizens priorities and how it is mostly mismanaged and wasted. "One of my main objectives is to work closely with my neighbors of Ward 3 in the setting of our priorities for all city services and bring them to the Ward, have them managed in the Ward, with their own offices and work teams in the Ward. This will apply to Public Works, Education, DMV, Police -- as in Community Policing -- we want to know the people who provide for our services by name and they to know us and our priorities….."

"I have raised my family in Ward 3 and care passionately about my community. In talking with my neighbors, I am constantly reminded how seriously the D.C. government is under performing. It is under performing in providing our children quality education, in responding to the local needs of the community, in ensuring the safety and security of citizens, and in spending our tax money wisely. I believe that with my leadership and experience, I can bring a new dimension to the Council".

A Ward 3 registered independent said: "Eric Rojo is a District citizen who has cared about our city's issues for years, and now has decided to become part of the process, to help make the city work better. His combination of formal training, experience, and common sense will bring a fresh perspective and new energy to a city government that has become calcified. Eric represents constructive change that the city and its citizens need."

A Ward 3 Democrat says: "Eric Rojo is the type person who does well not matter what he attempts. He is well traveled and has the ability to fit in any group or neighborhood. He works well with other people and in solving problems. Once he sees a problem he can arbitrate a solution using his great sense of moral right and wrong."

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