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Hector Rodriguez, Democratic Candidate for
Ward 1 Councilmember in the
September 10, 2002, Primary
August 2002

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Hector Rodriguez photo


Democratic Candidate
for City Council - Ward 1

"Our families are the foundations of Ward I. We must secure their prosperity. We must protect our homes and our children. Ward I is the most diverse Ward in our city. We are truly a multicultural asset whose time has come. This campaign strives to unite our diversity and talents into a partnership: to improve the quality of our lives, to foster economic prosperity for all. We can raise the standard for progress and inclusion. We can be number 1!"

Hector Rodriguez has identified five key issues that affect the citizens of Ward I:

I. Housing - The Working Poor are being shut out and forced out of housing in Ward I. A majority of the 5200 families being displaced by the end of 2002 live here.

II. Education -Approximately $80 million per year expended on Special Education is spent outside the District of Columbia.

I I I. Safety - No Emergency Preparedness. Rid our Ward of Drug predators.

IV. Youth - Young people are not involved in the fabric of our city. They lack direction and leadership.

V. Economic Development Local residents are not integrated in into the mainstream economy.

Unlock the creative forces of our people.
Empower Our Families!

Hector Rodriguez can address the issues plaguing Ward I:

Housing - Convert existing low rent apartment complexes into TENANT OWNED residences. Review and strengthen current rent control policy. Review and lower property taxes for all current homeowners.

Education - Establish government-sponsored language and literacy programs for adults. Create a Special Education Campus in the District for the District's special children. Require bi-lingual training for teachers.

Safety - Institute emergency preparedness for our neighborhoods. EMS/911 bilingual services must be drastically improved to better serve all our community. We must build more drug treatment centers, not jails. But, long-term jail sentences for drug predators.

Youth - Fully fund youth summer jobs programs. Involve youth in planning, policy and implementation of youth services. Set up a Youth Development Department with Cabinet status.

Economic Development - Develop income producing jobs at livable wages for local residents as a way of integrating them into the economic mainstream. Link neighborhoods of Ward I to the hospitality industry.

Leader. Visionary. Bridgebuilder.
Patriot. Businessman. Father.

Hector Rodriguez has lived and worked in the heart of Adams Morgan in Ward I for more than 25 years. A loyal American, he is dedicated to improving the quality of life not just for Hispanic Americans, but for all Americans. He has long been active in this community. Some of his accomplishments include:

Founder/Chairman of the National Hispanic Committee to Support Full Voting Representation for the District of Columbia

Vice Chairman, DC Committee to Support Home Rule

Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Education on the educational needs of children

Director, Office of International Affairs, DC Government (Mayoral Appointee, Council Approval)

Chairman and CEO, Las Americas Avenue Development Corporation

Co-chairman, DC Latino Community Police Task Force

Captain, US Army Strategic Communications Command

Father, one daughter

Vote for Hector Rodriguez, Democrat for City Council, Ward I

"Empowering Our Families"

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