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Dee Hunter, Democratic Candidate for
Ward 1 Councilmember in the
September 10, 2002, Primary Election
September 2002

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Dee Hunter ...
An Experienced Leader
in our Community

Served as Executive Director of the Greater Washington Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action, Statehood Campaign for the Rainbow Coalition.

-Served as Chairman of the ANC Assembly for Ward One Democrats
-Former member of the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee
-Served as Special Assistant to Former Council Member, William Lightfoot
-Served as City Council Human Resources Committee Council, working to protect the rights of senior citizens, and increase health services to our poorest communities
-An attorney who represents community groups to eliminate nuisance properties that breed crime in our neighborhoods


Dee Hunter photo

Dee Hunter
Democrat for Ward 1 Council
A New Vision, A New Voice, A New Leader

Dee Hunter has a Vision for Our Community

Dee Hunter is not afraid to take a stand for you on public issues. Elected officials need to be held accountable and be more aggressive to make sure that your voice is heard on the City Council.
Dee Hunter is that new leader.

Dee Hunter on Education
-Will ensure that our children have textbooks
-Provide funding for more bilingual classrooms
-Reform special education programs
-Provide funding for increased teacher salaries and other incentives for recruitment and retention of our teachers

Dee Hunter for our Community
-Reform our rent control system to help tenants fight illegal rent increases that push us out of the city
-Increase oversight of community development corporations and hold those organizations accountable
-Increase housing for our working class neighbors
-Dee Hunter will create legislation for our seniors to have prescription drug coverage and better health benefits, especially for those on fixed incomes

Do You Feel Safe to Walk in Your Neighborhood?
There has been a dramatic increase in crime throughout Ward One.
There have been 14 homicides this year alone.
  • Sexual assaults are up 33$
  • Burglary is up 79%
  • Auto Theft has increased 12%

Metropolitan Police Department Information on Crime Statistics

Dee Hunter believes the City Council must take a strong and aggressive stance in the oversight of the Metropolitan Police Department. The MPD must aggressively fight crime in all neighborhoods.

The Council must work to increase patrols and staffing levels in high crime neighborhoods all year round — not just in an election year.

Call 202.822.4529
to volunteer or make contributions
Or visit us at


Vote #1 on the Ballot for Dee Hunter on September 10th

Paid for by Friends of Dee Hunter, Paul Byus, Treasurer
A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance

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