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Dee Hunter, Democratic Candidate for
Ward 1 Councilmember in the
September 10, 2002, Primary Election
May 2002

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Dee Hunter has a Vision for Our Community

He has a New Vision. He will provide a New Voice to the City Council and New Leadership for Ward One!

Photo, Dee Hunter

Dee Hunter
for Ward 1 Council
A New Vision, A New Voice, A New Leader

As a resident of Ward One for over 15 years, Dee Hunter knows first hand about the problems we face as a community. He lives here. He works here. Heís seen the changes taking place, some good for everyone, some good for a few. Dee is ready to take on your fight and work for all of the residents of Ward One.

Photo, Dee and Jeanne Hunter

Dee Hunter has the experience as a leader in our community. He is the former Executive Director of the Greater Washington Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action, the Rainbow Coalitionís Statehood Campaign. He served as Chairman of the ANC Assembly and Ward One Democrats and is a former member of the D.C. Democratic State Committee.

Dee Hunter studied government and public administration at American University and received his BA in political science from the University of the District of Columbia. He is a Howard University School of Law graduate and a trial lawyer in private practice in the District of Columbia. He specializes in civil litigation, including nursing home abuse and neglect. He is married to Jeanne and lives in the Cardozo neighborhood.

Dee also has experience working with the City Council:

Special Assistant to Former Council Member, William Lightfoot

  • Dee worked on public utility issues that assisted the advancement of consumer protections.

Photo, Dee Hunter and book

Human Services Committee Counsel

  • He led the effort to pass a patientís bill of rights, expand the health care safety net, and increase health services to our poorest communities.
  • Dee Hunter worked to increase protections for senior citizens.
  • He helped manage the oversight of 40% of the District of Columbiaís annual budget.

District of Columbia Citizensí Advocacy Project

  • Dee worked to block the Councilís efforts to repeal term limits voted on by D.C. residents.

Now Dee wants to be your representative on the City Council. He will work hard for the community he loves. He has heard your voice and wants to make our community an even better place to live and work.

Photo, Dee Hunter in classroom

Dee Hunter will repair our crumbling school system:

  • Make sure all of our children receive textbooks.
  • Provide more bilingual classrooms.
  • Fund repair and maintenance of existing schools.
  • Reform special education programs.
  • Increase teacher salaries and provide other incentives for teacher retention and recruitment.

As an attorney, Dee Hunter represents community groups in eliminating nuisance properties that breed crime in your neighborhood. He will make our streets safer:

  • Provide more support and resources to our police officers.
  • Support increased community policing.
  • Create recreational programs and jobs for youth. 

Dee Hunter will keep our community diverse. He will fight to ensure that our community retains its working class residents. He will introduce legislation to:

  • Reform our rent control system by creating a Tenant Ombudsman to help tenants fight illegal rent increases that push our residents out of the city.
  • Increase oversight of community development corporations and hold ineffective organizations accountable -- legislating increased reporting requirements and firm project deadlines.
  • Mandate funding levels for the Housing Production Trust Fund and earmark funds for the creation of housing for working class citizens.

Photo, Dee Hunter speaking

Our teachers, fire fighters, police officers and other public servants should be able to afford to live in the District of Columbia and be part of the community they serve. Dee Hunter will introduce legislation requiring the city to sell more abandoned housing to these public servants.

D.C. residents should have voting representation in Congress and all D.C. residents should have the right to vote in our local elections. Dee Hunter wants our residents holding permanent visas to be able to vote in these elections and will introduce legislation on their behalf giving them that right. We all pay taxes and we all should have a voice. 

If you would like to volunteer for Dee Hunterís campaign,
Call 202-822-4529

Visit Deeís website at

Vote on September 10th

Paid for by Friends of Dee Hunter, Paul Byus, Treasurer
A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance

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