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Adam Eidinger, Statehood-Green Party candidate for
US (Shadow) Representative in the
November 5, 2002, general election
Press release
September 11, 2002

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Campaign hotline: 202-232-1724

Zoe Mitchell 202-253-2990
Adam Eidinger 202-232-1724

SHADOW: Get “Fired” Up for Statehood

Adam Eidinger, U.S. “Shadow” Representative (DC) Candidate Kicks off General Election Campaign; Challenges Incumbent Ray Browne

WASHINGTON, DC – What’s hotter than both summers in DC and the mayoral signature scandal? SHADOW! On Saturday, September 14, Adam Eidinger, Candidate for DC “Shadow” U.S. Representative will kick off his general election campaign with SHADOW, the hottest party for DC Statehood.

SHADOW is an outdoor party at the corner of 18th and Columbia Road in Adams Morgan. It will include fire-eating, dancing, and spinning stilt walkers who are part of the DC / Baltimore Burning Man contingency (more info see It will
also feature live music from Martin Thomas and local DJs.

WHO: Adam Eidinger, Candidate for DC “Shadow” U.S. Representative and the DC Statehood Green Party with stilt walkers, fire eaters, fire jugglers, fire spinners, the DC Burning Man contingency and live music

WHAT: SHADOW an outdoor party for DC Statehood 

WHEN: Saturday, September 14, 2002 8:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight

WHERE: The Center of Adams Morgan: 18th and Columbia Rd.

“We are doing something different with SHADOW. We are bringing the campaign for DC Statehood out of the shadows and into the streets. SHADOW will show that we are fired up about DC Statehood and ready for the general election!” Eidinger said.

DC Statehood has been a forgotten issue under our current “Shadow” U.S. Representative Ray Browne (D-DC). Instead of making DC Statehood a hot issue, Browne has focused on getting endorsements from city councils across the country.

“Most people in DC don’t even know who Ray Browne is. He has hidden in the shadows and has done little to make DC Statehood a reality. We need something new. We need a change,” Eidinger said.

Eidinger has spent all summer using unconventional methods of gaining awareness for DC Statehood. He has participated in many banner drops of the 30-foot DC Statehood flag and walked around Adams Morgan on stilts. Additionally, he has knocked on thousands of doors in every Ward in DC and talked to thousands of people.

Adam endorses the DC Statehood Green Party platform and advocates full voting representation in the U.S. House and Senate, keeping community institutions like DC General Hospital, libraries and city services open and under public control, local power over all branches of DC government & budget, eliminating federal oversight of DC’s local budget, giving all DC residents the right to vote in local elections, and ensuring that local ballot initiatives are implemented.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Adam, please call Zoe Mitchell at 202-253-2990.

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