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Tony De Pass, Democratic Candidate for
Ward 1 City Councilmembers in the
September 10, 2002, Primary Election
July 2002

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De Pass

Tony De Pass photo

City Council
Ward 1

and Love for People

Tony De Pass:

  • Has been a member of the Ward 1 community for 37 years
  • Knows the problems people face such as crime, public safety, housing, trash, rats, abandoned cars, parking issues, the drug epidemic in some parts of our ward and unemployment
  • Served in the DC Government, the Federal Governs-mat and the U.S. Air force for a total of 24 years until his retirement in 1999
  • Served as a Metropolitan Police Officer
  • Was the first Chief Investigator of the Police Civilian Complaint Review Board

  • Will address the environmental problems that exist in Ward 1

  • Was a DC Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Adjudicator 

  • Was a professor at U.D.C. 

  • Graduated from Howard University Law School in 1978

  • Provided free legal work for indigent citizens of Ward 1

  • Loves Ward 1 and its diverse group of citizens

Tony DePass:

  • Understands the problems with DC Government agencies and has helped countless citizens to navigate DC bureaucracies
  • Promises to fight to reform the system to serve you better
  • Believes that diverse business ownership is the cornerstone of the Ward 1 economy
  • Will fight for fair and equitable treatment of all businesses in Ward 1
  • Promises to address important issues
  • Will work diligently to improve public safety with more poles walking the beats and community policing in general
  • Will work with the Mayor and the City Council to get more recreational facilities in Ward 1
  • Will work to bring businesses and jobs to our ward 

Tony De Pass
Ward 1

Paid for by the committee to elect Tony De Pass

Key Issues

  • Affordable housing

  • Jobs and vocational training

  • Crime and public safety

  • Economic development in our neighborhood

  • Illegal parking tickets

  • Removal of abandoned cars

  • Education and schools

  • To give health care to those who can't afford it

  • To deal with our drug epidemic

  • To make sure our senior citizens are cared for in their twilight years

  • To create programs for our young people



City Council

Ward 1


If you would like to volunteer please contact Campaign Headquarters at (202) 545-9005 or come in person to:

Campaign Headquarters
3212 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20010

(202) 829-8665 or (202) 545-9005


If you would like to make a nominal contribution, please make checks payable to.

Committee to Elect Tony De Pass,
Samson Ofolabi, Treasurer
3212 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20010

(202) 829-8665 or (202) 545-9005

Paid for by the committee to elect Tony De Pass

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