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James Clark, Democratic candidate for
Mayor in the
September 10, 2002, primary election
August 2002

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James Clark

for Mayor in the

September 2, 2002 Primary

The Mayor and the City Council are crucifying black people with an economical cross with their method of running this city.

High tax many home owning citizens can't afford.

Traffic Tickets by cameras that photograph the wrong car:

No adequate, heath care for young or senior citizens.

Contracting out the whole D. C. government is not working.

Blacks are being replaced and ran out the city.

Who is representing the afro-american black with their interest at heart.
Our afro-american kids are being impacted to great with overcrowding in the public school to learn anything:

      We're not free! And the religion of a slave is freedom!

I am a citizen of the district for over 33 years with 18 years of D.C. government services.

They will send many of your black sons to jail for petty crime; yet they tuck their heads when priest rape or molest after boys in the church.

Too many of our black youth are sent to prison when there is an alternative.

Paid for by the committee to elect James Clark Mayor

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