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Director of the Department of Mental Health Martha B. Knisley Confirmation Resolution of 2001
PR 14-210

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Chairman Linda W. Cropp, at the request of the Mayor


Chairman Linda W. Cropp, at the request of the Mayor, introduced the following resolution, which was referred to the Committee on Human Services.

To confirm the mayoral appointment of Ms. Martha B. Knisley as the Director of the Department of Mental Health.

RESOLVED, BY THE COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, That this resolution may be cited as the "Director of the Department of Mental Health Martha B. Knisley Confirmation Resolution of 2001".

Sec. 2. The Council of the District of Columbia confirms the appointment of:

Ms. Martha B. Knisley
1318 Dale Street, Suite 120
Raleigh, NC 27605

as the Director of the Department of Mental Health, in accordance with section 2 of the Confirmation Act of 1978, effective March 3, 1979 (D.C. Law 2-142; D.C. Code section 1-633.7), to serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.

Sec. 3. Fiscal impact statement.

The Council adopts the fiscal impact statement in the committee report as the fiscal impact statement required by section 602 (c)(3) of the District of Columbia Home Rule Act, approved December 24, 1973 (87 Stat. 813; D.C. Code section 1-233 (c)(3)).

Sec. 4. The Secretary of the Council of the District of Columbia shall transmit a copy of this resolution, upon its adoption, each to the nominee and to the Mayor.

Sec. 5. This resolution shall take effect immediately.

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Boston Office:  Technical Assistance Collaborative, Inc.
One Center Plaza
Suite 310
Boston, Massachusetts 02108-2007
(617) 742-5657
Raleigh Office:  1318 Dale Street Suite 120
Raleigh, North Carolina 27605
Phone: (919) 835-9100
Fax: (919) 835-9195

Date of Birth: October 22, 1948
Place of Birth: Greenfield, Ohio
Social Security Number:


B.A,, 1970, Rehabilitation Counseling, Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia
M.A. 1973, Counselor Education, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

I assisted the Monitor in Arnold v. Sarn, Phoenix, Arizona in a range of monitoring and oversight tasks from 1996-2000. This included consulting with the State and Monitor on the development of the crisis-emergency services system for adults and children, the development of clinical case management teams, the development of housing, programs for persons with co-occurring disorders, supported employment and outreach services. I conducted two client level reviews and developed an instrument for core competencies for clinical teams, used today by Value Options in their management of the-Maricopa County systems.

I served as Team Member and then Project Manager on a long term project assisting the Department of Health, Adult Mental Health Division, State of Hawaii from 1996 to 2001. TAC serves in this capacity at the request (order entered in 1996) of the Federal Court and Department of Justice in the matter of U.S. v. State of Hawaii (Civil No. 91-00137). In that role I have conducted two needs assessments of adults with mental illness, one defining needs of state hospital (civil and forensic) patients and the second a full statewide assessment and gap analysis of adult mental health needs. I report progress on hospital discharge planning and community services development to the court on a quarterly basis. I have also consulted on and monitored community services development including establishing formal collaborative agreements with criminal justice, . vocational rehabilitation and human services for expansion of services and continuity arrangements. I assisted in preparing community services budgets for the Division. I have also worked on transitional of children and youth to the adult services programs and have consulted on the development of crisis services, ACT, specialized services for persons with co-occurring disorders, supported employment, supported housing and improvements in access to services, Medicaid maximization, development of infrastructure and workforce development. I also assist the Department of Health in financing strategies for services for children and youth with mental health problems.

I have served as Project Manager for TAC's consultation to the Cuyahoga County Community Mental Health Board since 1997. In that role, I have assisting the Board in strategic planning, evaluation of their housing programs included collaboration with community development organizations and in their relationships with County officials. I represented the Board in negotiations with HMOs, the Ohio Department of Human Services on Medicaid issues and with providers on development of access standards and community services development. I assisted the Board in developing a clinical care management system and clinical care guidelines for adult mental health consumers for case management, ACT and other clinical services based on a functional and acuity level review process.

I have participated in an in-depth review of the state operated psychiatric hospitals in Tennessee. This was done to determine the extent of problems with conditions, care and treatment provided in those hospitals and the impact of managed care on the current and future operations of those facilities. This was

 implement a system wide Children's Initiative.

May, 1990 to March, 1991:

Director , The Ohio Department of Mental Health, 30 E. Broad Street, Columbus. Ohio 43215

My primary responsibility was for the overall administration and direction of a Cabinet level state department, which operates 16 institutions, with 6500 employees and has an annual budget of over $600 million. ODMH also provides psychiatric services to over 2000 inmates in Ohio's prisons. ODMH works with and through 53 local community mental health (including substance abuse) boards which contract with almost 400 service providing community 'agencies throughout the state. I was appointed by and reported directly to Governor Richard F. Celeste until the end of his term in January, 1991. 1 was reappointed by Governor George Voinovich until a permanent director was selected. From March, 1991 until May, 1991, 1 served as Executive Assistant to the Director and served primarily in a consultative fashion to orient and advise the new Director.
Department was $400 million. ODMH serves as the mental health authority in Ohio, including responsibility for mental health and drug abuse services and support for other institutional agencies.

I also served as the State Community Support Program Director and Principle Investigator, and was principle investigator on numerous federal and private foundation grants. Twenty-three million dollars of ADAMHA Block Grant funds were under my supervision. I represented the Department on local, national and State levels in a variety of activities. I represented the Department on the award of Robert Wood Johnson grants to three Ohio cities in their nine city demonstration of developing systems for adults with chronic mental illness. The State of Ohio jointly funded those grants. I represented NASMHPD and the State of Ohio in requesting the U.S. Congress to fund the McKinney Act and to H.U.D. in developing supported housing models. I also represented NASPHMD in requesting HCFA to approve targeted case management and rehabilitative services for persons with mental illness

September. 1984 to January, 1986:

Deputy Director for Program and Policy , Ohio Department of Mental Health, 30 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

(This position was merged with the Deputy Director for Operations and Support position in January, 1986 and I was promoted.)

I was responsible for the development, interpretation, and evaluation of programs in Ohio's mental health system. I carried out this function through supervision and direction of staff of four offices (Office of Children's and Educational Services, Office of Consumer Services, Office of Education and Training, Office of Housing and Services Environments), two bureaus (Bureau of Forensic Services and Bureau of Drug Abuse) that administer programs, and the Service Liaison (community) Group. I secured outside funding for several program initiatives, and represented the Department on national, state and local level in a variety of capacities. I had oversight responsibility for ADAMHA Block Grant funds, community plans, disbursement of funds for new program initiatives, and was State CSP Project Director. 

July, 1983 to August. 1984:

Deputy Commissioner , Division of Mental Health Facilities and Services, Ohio Department of Mental Health, 30 E. Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215

(This position was abolished in reorganization in August; 1984 and l was promoted)

I was responsible for assisting the Commissioner of Mental Health in planning for, interpreting and implementing Department policy and programs.

employment, and employment for the severely mentally disabled. (This program was affiliated with Southwest Community Health Centers.)

August, 1977 to April, 1979:

Director of Transitional Services and Follow-Up Care, Southwest Community Health Centers/Southwest Community Mental Health Center, 199 South Central Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43223.

I was responsible for securing funding, developing and implementing Transitional Living Services, Responsible for administration, planning, supervision and evaluation of Follow-Up Care program. On November 7, 1978, responsibilities expanded to include administration of Day treatment and Court Pre-Screening programs.
June. 1976 to July, 1977:

Aftercare Coordinator, Southwest Community Health Centers/ Southwest Community Mental Health Center, 199 South Central Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43223.

I coordinated aftercare programs, with emphasis on discharge planning, developing agency and community resources to meet needs of persons with serious mental illness. I was responsible for insuring continuity of care for aftercare population. I also supervised the interdisciplinary aftercare team (six members); was liaison to St. Ann's Psychiatric Unit; developed and organized new programs within the agency; provided individual, group and family psychotherapy, and other agency management responsibilities as assigned, including writing NIMH Conversion and Continuation Grant Proposals, and 34D Grant Proposals.
November, 1974 to June, 1976:

Social Worker/Aftercare-Team , Southwest Community Health Centers/ Southwest Community Mental Health Center, 199 South Central Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43223.

I provided direct care services to persons with mental illness including case management, individual, group, and family psychotherapy, (social) services; was primary liaison for St. Ann's Psychiatric Unit (acute care); and secondary liaison to State Hospital and other hospital units for provision of discharge planning and continuity of care.
July, 1974 to November. 1974:

Residential Program Supervisor , Association for the Developmentally Disabled,

June 1968 to August, 1968:

Nurses Aide , Huntington State Hospital, Huntington, West Virginia 25701


Board Member, North Carolina Fair Housing Center, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1994-6.

Chair, Advisory Committee,. North Carolina Program on Services Research for People with Severe Mental Disorders, The Cecil G, Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and The Department of Psychiatry, Duke University Medical Center, 1992

Board Member, Downtown Housing Improvement Corporation, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1993-6. 

Executive Committee, 1993-6.

Board Member, North Carolina Low Income Housing Coalition, 1992-2000.

Executive Committee 1993-2000 
Public Policy Chair, 1993-5. 
Vice-Chair, 1994-5 
Chairperson, 1996-8.

National Advisory Committee, The Center for Community Change through Housing and Support, University of Vermont, 1989 -1995.

Research Resources Panel, National Plan for Research to Improve Care of the Severely Mentally III, National Institute of Mental Health, 1989 - 1990.

Treasurer, National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) 1988-89.

At Large Board Member, 1990 - 91.

Commissioner Advisor, CSP Division of the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD) 1988 - 1990.

Treasurer and Board member NASMHPD Research Institute. Inc., 1988-1990.

PEW Foundation Paradigm Shift Project, Commissioner Member, 1988-1990.

National Advisory Committee on Community Mental Health Center Programs, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, 1987.

protective services, Augusta, Maine, 1994.

Professional Review Panel for Arnold v. Sarn, Behavioral Health Services, Arizona Department of Health Services, Phoenix, Arizona, 1993 - .

Plaintiffs Expert in Bee v. Weston, United States District Court, Northern District of West Virginia, 1993 - 4.

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Panel of Experts, K.L. v. Edgar, 1993 -6.

The Communications Workers of America, consultant, 1993.

Center for Mental Services, P.L. 99-660 State Mental Health Plan, Reviewer, 1992-1995.

Southwest Virginia Systems Change Pilot, 1993.

Virginia Department of Mental Health Systems Planning Retreat, Wintergreen, Virginia. Facilitator, 1992.

Tennessee Association of Community Mental Health Centers, Nashville, Tenn. Consultation in forming statewide coalitions for mental health systems change in Tennessee, 1992-1993.

Pine Street Inn, Legal Services of Boston, City of Boston, Massachusetts. Expert for the Plaintiffs in J.S, and D.M., et al. v. Governor, 1992 -1993.

Southern Legal Counsel and The Protection and Advocacy Center, Gainesville and Tallahassee, Florida. Expert for the Plaintiffs in Sanbourne v. Chiles, 1991-9.

Hill House, Cleveland, Ohio, 1991 -5.

State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Mental Health, Olympia, Washington, 1989, 1991.

National Institute of Mental Health, Special Review Group, Mental Health Financing and Services Research Centers, 1991.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, proposal reviewer, 1991.

King County Mental Health Programs (Seattle, Washington), 1988.

National Conference of State Legislators, Restructuring of the Mental Health System, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1986.

Ohio Family Coalition for the Mentally Ill (AMI), Special Contributions Award, 1985.


Project Director, "North Carolina ACCESS: Wake County Site." Center for Mental Health Services Research Demonstration Grant, 1993-98. $4,900,100.00

Principal Investigator, "Case Management and Representative Payeeship Problems for Severely Mentally Disabled Persons,". NIMH Mental Health. Services Demonstration Grant, 1986-88, $299,822.

Principle Investigator, "A Support Network for Elderly Severely Mentally Disabled Persons", NIMH Mental Health Services Demonstration Grant, 198688, $315,835.

Principal Investigator, "Improving Access to Community Support Services for Severely Mentally Disabled Persons Who Are Homeless through Coalition Building and Empowerment" (Money and Mailboxes); National Institute of Mental Health, Mental Health Services Demonstration Grant, 1985-86, $115,527.

Co-Principal Investigator, "Impact of State Level Cooperative Program Agreement on Consumer Employment Outcome", National Institute of Handicapped Research, 1985, $60,000.

Co-Principal Investigator, "Rehabilitation Training Grant", Rehabilitation Services Administration, 1984-85, $97,011.

Principal Investigator, "Development of Community Support Systems for Mentally Disabled Persons"; National Institute of Mental Health, Mental Services Demonstration Grant, 1983-88, $650,000 (87-88 estimated at continuation level); includes three supplements: National Consumer Caucus, 1985, National Housing strategy group, 1986.


(Presentations as a TAC Consultant not included)

1994 Expert Panelist, First Annual Carolinas Conference on Mental Health Policy, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina 

1993 Expert Panelist, National Academy of Social Insurance. 

Presentations prior to 1991 available on request).

Licensed as an Independent Professional Counselor in Ohio (did not renew license in after not conducting clinical work for ten years) 

Professional References Available Upon Request.

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