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January 3, Knowledge and Foresight
January 6, Too Damn Cold
January 10, Low Standards
January 13, Reading the Signs
January 17, Moving the Post Offices
January 20, On the Job Training
January 24, Improving Reception
January 27, Mired in the Racial Muck
January 31, Spic and Span
February 3, Real Ritzy
February 7, Midnight in the Garden of themail
February 10, Unilateral Truce Declared
February 14, Chocolates and Flowers
February 17, Wild Life in the City
February 21, For a Good Time, Call themail
February 24, Animals, Animals
February 27, Taking a Short Break from themail
March 14, We’re Back
March 17, Batter Up
March 21, Consulting with themail
March 24, Spring Break
March 28, The Whole Story
March 31, Moving to Anacostia
April 4, Moving Anacostia to DC
April 7, April 7th in themail
April 11, News Radio
April 14, The Tax Check Is in themail
April 18, A Long One
April 21, State of Denial
April 25, State of Suspension
April 28, Memories of Wyoming
May 2, You Could Already Have Won a Tax Cut
May 5, Cities Within a City
May 8, To Cut or Not to Cut

May 12, The Fix Is In
May 16, Reform in themail
May 19, Completely Unfair
May 23, No Jokes
May 26, Brevity Is the Soul of Wit
May 30, Memorial Day
June 2, Jewish Singles
June 6, Money-Making Opportunities
June 9, E-Mail Worth Its Weight in Gold
June 13, Quarter Time
June 16, Police Protection
June 20, Mid Year Report
June 23, Red Pencils at the Ready
June 27, Impressive Seances
June 30, Guns, Statehood, and Parking
July 4, Holiday Fireworks
July 7, Hugs and Disses
July 11, Muscles
July 14, Limited Perspectives
July 18, Those Cell Towers in themail, Again
July 21, Congress Does Something About the Weather
July 25, Dog Days
July 28, School's Out
August 1, Fingernails on the Blackboard
August 4, Ridicule
August 8, The Boss Is in themail
August 11, In Response
August 15, Good Ideas
August 18, Mangoes and Figs
August 22, Public Service
August 25, The Paycheck Is in themail
August 29, Life’s No Picnic
September 1, Entertainment, Entertainment
September 5, Workers of Washington, Unite
September 8, Bragging Rights

September 12, The More They Stay the Same
September 15, The Rains Came
September 19, The Past Is Present
September 22, Back to Schools
September 26, Getting There with No Map Is Half the Fun
September 29, The Millennium Is Coming, The Millennium Is Coming
October 3, State Song
October 6, Eleanor and Colby Singing Up a Storm
October 10, Harmony and Melody
October 13, Bumpy Roads Ahead
October 17, Advice
October 20, Please Excuse the Mistakes
October 24, Why I Live in themail
October 27, Awards for Arts Awards
October 31, Scarier than Halloween
November 3, Action Packed
November 7, A Stakeholder Through the Heart
November 10, Special Interests
November 14, Summitry
November 17, It's Stupid
November 21, Even Stupider
November 24, Happy Thanksgiving
November 28, Brunch
December 1, Mystery Drains
December 5, No Discussion
December 9, Christmas Traditions
December 12, Kate Boo for Mayor
December 15, Undercurrent
December 19, No Way Out
December 22, Merry Christmas
December 26, Winding Down the Year
December 29, Wind Down the Year Long-Windedly

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