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November 13, 1998

The Motto Ballot Is in themail

The Friday the 13th special from themail is mottos and more mottos — all the proposed city/state mottos for the District of Columbia that have been submitted to themail.

Please vote for your favorite anytime on or before Saturday, November 21, by sending an E-mail to with “Motto vote” in the subject line, and the one motto that you prefer in the body of your message. (If you vote for more than one motto, I'll count only the first motto that you list, anyway.) If we get a clear consensus for one motto, the lucky winner who submitted it will receive acclaim, so be sure to stuff the ballot box.

1 Million Rats in Search of Congressional Representation
10,000 Potholes in Search of Congressional Representation
5,000 Snoozing Policemen in Search of Congressional Representation
6,000 Potholes in Search of a City
Bello In Jus
The Big Pothole
Big Sleazy
Bill Clinton Lied Here
Can't Someone Else Do It?
The City by the Stain
City of Unfulfilled Love
The City That Doesn't Work
The City That (Sometimes) Pretends to Recycle
Cleaning Up After Congress for Over 200 Years
Comme Ci, Comme Ca...
The Computer Is Down
Congress 535, DC Zip
Congress always liked your state better
A Congressional City
Corruptus in Extremis
The Costume Jewel of the Mid-Atlantic
D.C. —- A Miners Delight!
D.C. — A Nice Place If You Could Just Get Rid of the Congress
D.C. — America's First Doormat
D.C. — America's Constitutional Contradiction
D.C. — America's Democracy Capital
D.C. — Capital City ... Capital Shame
D.C. — Capital City ... Capital Crime
D.C. — City Without Skyscrapers
D.C. — Civil Rights Safe Zone
D.C. — Crossroads of All Feuds
D.C. — Diminished Capacity
D.C. — Disorder and Crime
D.C. — District of Complaint
D.C. — Don't Move Here If You Want Equal Constitutional Rights
D.C. — Feudalism's Last Stand Against Democracy
D.C. — First to Get the Feds, Last to Get Democracy
D.C. — Not More Than Half-Full of It
D.C. — Only Place in the Galaxy Where You Lose Your Equal Constitutional Rights
D.C. — Our Home, Your Home Away from Home
D.C. — Our Story is Still Being Written
D.C. — Proof That the Vote Doesn't Matter
D.C. — Protest Capital of the World
D.C. — Subsidizing the Nation with Pride for 200 Years!
D.C. — The Federal Kingdom
D.C. — The Wannabe State
D.C. — The Last Colony
D.C. — There's Trees, All Right
D.C. — Urban Haven from Suburban Social Pressure
D.C. — We Live Here Because We Love It
D.C. — Where One Learns The Truth About America Firsthand!
D.C. — Where Politics Takes Precedence Over Principle
D.C. — Where Your Vote Still Doesn't Count
D.C. — Where the Role Creates the Character
D.C. — You Don't Have to Live There To Be In Charge!
D.C. Is a Workfree Drug Place
D.C. Is for Friends
De Pis En Pis
District Circus
District of Colombia
District of Columbia — the Other Washington, DC
District of Columbia — Murphy's Law At Work For YOU!
District of Culture
Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit
Frankly my dear, Congress doesn't give a damn
A Great City; A Great Nation
Home of the Homeless, Land of the Free Ride for the Out-of-State Insane
Information Capital of the World
Justicia Omnibus
Justicia Omnibus, You've Got to be Kidding Us
Ktema Es Aei ("A Possession Forever")
L'etat C'est Moi
Les Jeux Sont Faits
Living Here Is Efficient
Male Ab Ovo Usque Ad Mala
Mend a City
The Most Self-Important City in the Most Self-Important Nation in the World
Nihil Obstat
Nil Desperandum
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Nolo Contendere
Non Compos Mentis
Panda City: Black and White, Millions Visit, Kept in a Cage
Sadistic of Columbia
Send Us Your Paranoids, Your Schizophrenics, Your Huddled Bi-polars — We'll House Them at No Expense to You!
Sic Semper Vobis
Taxed Without Representation
Tout Vient a Qui Sait Attendre
Tread on Me
Viagra Falls
Washington, D.C. — Folie de Grandeur
Washington, D.C. — Lusus Naturae
We Can't Help You
We Don't Get No Respect
We Shall Overcome
What's a Nice Person Like You Doing in a Place Like This
Worthy of a Nation
You're in the Wrong Line

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