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May 20, 1998

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Dear Neighbors:

On Wednesday, May 27, the League of 8,000, along with the Capitol Hill Restoration Society, is sponsoring its first mayoral debate at St. Peter's Catholic Church on Capitol Hill (2nd & C Streets, SE). 7:30 PM.

Moderator Bruce Johnson of Channel 9 will ask the mayoral candidates to discuss "Their Records and Our Neighborhoods."

The League of 8,000 will hold a second mayoral debate on June 24 at 7:30 PM at Holy Comforter Lutheran Church at the corner of Branch and Alabama Avenues, SE.


Mark your calendars for June 10, the date of our next dc.story party. Meet the faces behind those email addresses and meet the folks who will be shaping the course of city politics over the next few years.

I am delighted that I have secured the old Roma Garden for this occasion. The refurbished garden reminds me of the wine gardens of Vienna. Firehook Bakery offers coffee, pastries, salads, sandwiches, and foccacia - and beer and wine.

Please RSVP by sending me an email message with "Garden" in the subject line. I need a head count and will send out an announcement in the event we have to postpone the event due to rain. Admission to the event is $5.


Ready for a good chance get serious about fix your city? The D.C. Inspector General wants to hear from you.

You may now contact the D.C. Inspector General on a toll-free hot line number. If you have any information about corruption, waste, fraud, abuse, or mismanagement involving any D.C. government agency or official call the Inspector General at 1-800-521-1639. All calls are confidential, and callers may remain anonymous."


Sam Smith, publisher of The Progressive Review <>, has uncovered some fascinating information about the backers of Republican Rep. Tom Davis. Check out the details at

Jeffrey Itell May 20, 1998


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Cheap Treat: DC Street History
Carl Bergman,

The thought of another issueless, dull mayoral race depresses me. With or without Barry, the odds are you'll hear much non-specific talk about bringing back home rule, economic development, and lowering taxes. Yawn. The more the candidates fly off into sound bite land, the more you'll need something to remind yourself of how remarkable DC can be. One of my favorite diversions is to play DC Street History.

It's easy to go over a DC map and find famous names and places, the states, presidents, etc. A little more challenging is to see how DC streets match an historic period. For example, I recently went looking for Lincoln's cabinet in DC street names. There's State's Seward Square and not far away, War's Stanton Square. Far Southeast also has Stanton Road. AU Park has Treasury's Fessenden, and Postmaster Blair has his road. That's all I could find. Looking up these obscure names lets you get an idea of how our streets reflect our history, and it can completely occupy your mind. If you're lucky, you may make it to primary day with your sanity intact.


Floating in the Potomac
Jim Foti,

On Sunday about noon, I saw police fishing a body out of the Potomac River near the base of the Memorial Bridge on the DC side of the river. I later inquired to DC's Finest about the incident, but, not surprisingly, came up empty in the useful information category. To my knowledge, there was no mention of the body on the news or in this morning's paper.

Does anyone know anything about this floater? Who was it? Was this an accidental drowning case? Does anyone have any info?


Barry Watch
Elizabeth M Wulkan,

I think the Post's " Barry Watch" column reduces to triviality and the cult of personality the mayor's race in Washington. Marion Barry should make his decision without baiting and goading from the the Fourth estate,.and they should report news, not try to make it.


So Here's my Eaton bathroom stall door story:
Margie Odle,

Winter '96, I asked my 4th grade daughter whether the new principal came to visit regularly in the classroom. She poured out the story that yes she did and every month she (my daughter) joined a chorus of girls asking her about putting up a stall door in the bathroom. Every month she, the principal, was sympathetic and assured them she was trying to get this done. I asked my daughter how long this had been going on. She replied, "At least several months."

I immediately put on my systems analyst's thinking cap and asked my daughter if I could volunteer to donate a giant beach towel and help hang it over the stall opening so that at least they would have privacy. She thought that was a good idea. The next morning I went in to see the principal, lathered her with sympathy about the stall door situation (how hard it is to get things done), and suggested that I donate a giant beach towel to drape the stall doorway until the door was fixed. She sheepishly declined the offer and the next day, voila!, the stall door was fixed. Was that magic, or what!


Art Spitzer,

>So how did you like that cool mint Listerine that came with your Sunday >newspaper today?

Actually, I was surprised at it, given that Listerine is about 25% alcohol. I wonder how many slightly inebriated dogs were wandering around town yesterday? Art Spitzer


Buzzard Point Marina
NB Keenan,

If you are looking for a place to keep a boat on the Potomac, check out Buzzard Point Marina. It's a very low-key, family-run operation, on a pretty piece of National Parkland at the confluence of the Potomac and the Anacostia. Slip fees are low -- $3.30 per foot per month. If you're into the yacht club scene or need extensive facilities it probably isn't for you, but if you need a convenient, reasonably-priced, low-hassle and secure place to moor you should look into it.


So you're interested in that big advertising spot in the beginning of dc.story? Contact Jan Genzer -- the dc.story marketing maven--at or call him at 202.364.0383.



Y2K-1 Lois Kirkpatrick, Public Information Officer, Library Administration, Fairfax County

Our agency is brainstorming special programs/events to commemorate the coming millennium. The planning group has given it the code name "Y2K-1," as we will begin the countdown to year 2000 next year. Anybody want to partner with us? What do you have planned? Any ideas we can steal . . . er, use? Heard about any interesting activities other organizations will have? We need ideas| Please give me your suggestions.


We are preparing to renovate our kitchen and bathroom. We have finally found a contractor, who is very professional and mindful of our very limited pocketbooks--both qualities of which are a rarity apparently. His name is Frank Miles and he's listed. Anyhow! We need to go on to the next step which is: SECURING A LOAN. We bought our house a year ago and don't have much equity in it. I've heard that there's a creature called a TITLE ONE HOME LOAN that is not based on equity. Does anyone know of a bank that administers this loan? If so contact me please!!! Jessica Vallette,





Wednesday, May 20, 1998, 7 PM you are invited to an incredible speaker, Naomi Rosebblatt, who will present, "Sex, Lies & the Bible."E Naomi Harris Rosenblatt is the noted author of Wrestling with Angels: What Genesis Teaches us about our Spiritual Identity, Sexuality and Personal Relationships. This Israeli-born psychotherapist teaches a popular Bible class on Capitol Hill attended by U.S. Senators. The lecture is at Georgetown University Law Center, McDonough Building, 600 New Jersey Avenue, NW, Room 200, 2nd Floor near Judiciary Square Metro. Admission which includes refreshments is $5 members and $8 Non-members of the AJC. RSVP to Vera Lemons at AJC at (202) 785-4200 This event is Co-sponsored by AJC Young Leadership Forum and the Georgetown University Law Center. Lynne Mersfelder,


D.C. Citizen's Lobby Day for Democracy and Equality Timothy Cooper,

D.C. Citizen's Lobby Day for Democracy and Equality When: Thursday, May 21st, at 12 noon Where: Hart Senate Office Building (1st and Constitution Ave.) Sponsored by The Stand Up for Democracy Coalition Contact: Timothy Cooper (202) 244-9479

D.C. residents will assemble at Upper Senate Park (across from the Russell Building at First and New Jersey Avenue at 12 noon and then proceed to the Hart Senate office building for lobby visits. Citizens are encouraged to lobby Congress for full Congressional representation, the timely restoration of home rule. Issues of other concern include rent control, the death penalty, school vouchers, and the commuter tax.

A lobby training session will be held on May 20th at 6:30 p.m. at New Bethel Baptist Church at 1739 9th St., N.W. A rally will follow the training workshop from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. All D.C. residents are encouraged to walk the halls of Congress and lobby for full citizenship rights.


Laughing at Ourselves: The Art of Anthropology 21 May 1998 7 p.m. Refreshments & Booksigning 8 p.m. Lecture Education Building Auditorium National Zoo Enter at Connecticut Ave. Park in Lot A

Ruth O. Selig, founding editor of AnthroNotes and co-editor of the new book, Anthropology Explored: The Best of Smithsonian AnthroNotes, will introduce artist and cartoonist, Robert Humphrey, who illustrated the book with his original cartoons.

Dr. Humphrey will give a slide-illustrated lecture and provide insight into how his cartoons help focus the relationship between humor, science and learning in the human animal.

Humphrey has taught anthropology at George Washington University for 30 years and served as director of its museum studies program. He had a one-man show at the University's Colonnade Gallery in 1995, has contributed cartoons to several national publications, and is the author of FONZ's book, The Last Elephant.

---- The Search for the Missing Beetle 4 June 1998 7:30 p.m. Lecture

Education Building Auditorium National Zoo Enter at Connecticut Ave. Park in Lot A

Free, but reservations are necessary. RSVP by calling (202) 673-4801 or sending e-mail to

Hear firsthand the story of the rediscovery of a species believed extinct! The Seth Forest water scavenger beetle had inhabited a vernal pond on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Scientists feared it had been bulldozed into extinction by a land-use planning snafu in 1982.

Warren Steiner, entomologist, National Museum of Natural History; James McCann, zoologist, Maryland Department of Natural Resources; and Bruce Stein, director, conservation science external affairs, The Nature Conservancy, recount their quest to discover whether this tiny arthropod was indeed extinct.

---- Tall Blondes: A Book About Giraffes 11 June 1998 7 p.m. Reception & Booksigning 8 p.m. Lecture

Education Building Auditorium National Zoo Enter at Connecticut Ave. Park in Lot A

Free, but reservations are necessary. RSVP by calling (202) 673-4801 or sending e-mail to

Lynn Sherr, correspondent for the ABC news magazine, 20/20, and author of Tall Blondes: A Book About Giraffes, will sign copies of her book and present a slide-illustrated lecture.

Sherr explores the extraordinary world of the giraffe, from its soulful eyes to its striking coloration. Her book includes a cultural history of the giraffe, beginning with its first appearance in Europe in 46 B.C., and traces the species' life in zoos. Sherr also tells a story of particular local interest about the National Zoo's acquisition of giraffes.

Margie Gibson NZPEM053@SIVM.SI.EDU


Complete darkroom for sale as unit incl. Besseler MX enlarger, on table, with condenser and cold head, 80mm and 150mm lenses, plus 35mm and 4x5 carriers, Zone VI archival washer, timers, easels, lights, trays, measures and all the rest, some unused, all in excellent condition. Save 60% on discount prices. Call (202) 965-3016 or e-mail John Cleave @


Seeking Parking Place on the Hill
Joan Eisenstodt,

The folks from whom we rent a daytime (8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., M-F) parking space are moving and we are desperately seeking a space in the area of 5th/6th & PA/Independence, S.E. We will gladly pay but .. need to find one by July 1. Any leads will be greatly appreciated.



Small design build firm specializing in additions, decks, built-in furniture, and custom-designed furniture available for in-home consultation. No job too small. John Taboada,


Panasonic Microwave. Microwave Panasonic- small model with turntable- Manuals and Additional Cookbook. Must be collected Sunday or Memorial Day. 50$ . NW DC near Cathedral.

Tunturi Recumbent Excercise Bike. Perfect condition. Barely used. Fits in the back of a car Must be collected Sunday or Memorial Day. 75$ . NW DC near Cathedral.

Need Some Hauling. Need to do some hauling between storage spaces. Has somebody used a person with a small truck that was nice to work with and reasonable. Please email or phone 202 244 1911.

Eureka Victory 12 amp Upright Six months old all attachments. 75$ firm

Rose Kemps,


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