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February 25, 1997

Please Save This Message

Dear Neighbors:

Space in dc.story is tight. Phil Shapiro and I are experimenting with the following system to accommodate more folks—and provide you more information about what’s happening in the city.

Please (pul-lease!!!) save this message and take advantage of ways to announce your events to a wide audience.

Jeffrey Itell


Thanks for your interest in posting an announcement to dc.story. Whenever possible, dc.story tries to include every submitted announcement. However, if your announcement is longer than three sentences, we do ask that you submit the full text of the announcement to be hyperlinked on the web.

What does "hyperlinking" mean? It means that readers of dc.story who are interested in getting the details of your announcement can easily retrieve those details from the world wide web. A dc.story volunteer, Phil Shapiro, is currently putting the full details of announcements on the web. If you send the details of your announcement to Phil (, he will put this text on the web and send to you a web page address for your announcement. Typical addresses for announcements are:

Phil is usually able to provide you with a web page address of your announcement on the same day you send him the announcement.

Once you have the web page address for your hyperlinked announcement, you can send a brief (three sentences or less) summary of the announcement to me (, along with the hyperlinked announcement web page address, your name, and your email address.

What the hyperlinking feature lets us do is to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to make announcements, while at the same time keeping the length of the dc.story newsletter to within reasonable limits. Phil Shapiro can answer any further questions you might have about the hyperlinked announcements. To see examples of the kinds of hyperlinked announcements that have already been made, you might want to check out:

Thanks again for your interest. We appreciate your active participation in this community and hope that dc.story can play a positive role in helping to publicize your announcements.


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