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October 1, 1996

Happy Fiscal New Year

"Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country." — Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, D.C.


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Van Nest Fest Andrew Frank, President, Sirius Coffee Co. President, Forest Hills Merchants Association

This Saturday, October 5, the Forest Hills Merchants Association will sponsor the first annual Van Ness/Forest Hills Festival from 11am to 6pm. The event, free to the public, will be held on Connecticut Ave. between Van Ness and Albemarle. There will be fun for the whole family, and ample parking.

Live local bands will perform near the UDC/Van Ness Metro all day long. Arrow 94.7 FM will be co-sponsoring the event along with area retailers EJ’s Town and Country Baths and Calvert/Woodley Liquors. DJ’s from 94.7FM will emcee the event and give away gifts and prizes from area merchants.

There will be activities for ages 3-83. Area restaurants will sample their food, and many stores will have sidewalk sales. Other events include:

* Raffle for gifts and prizes from area merchants * Moon bounce, face painting and clowns for kids * Free samples from many area restaurants and cafes * Fire truck from the DC fire department * Canine unit from the Secret Service * Aerobics demonstrations including special classes for kids and seniors * Auto care clinics, computer user clinics … and much more!

Rain Date: Sunday, October 6, 1996, 11am-6pm

More information? E-mail or call (202) 364-2600.


DC Web Site

I heard on the News that DC government has gotten their Website online. I missed the address. I posed this question to dc.general, but just got the obligatory response from suburbanites (does it have a Java program to count the murder tally, why would they have a website when the schools are in such bad shape, etc.) Thus bolstering my opinion that actual DC residents truly need their own forum, away from suburban meddling.

I’ll try here - can anyone here provide the address to the Website?


From Last Week’s Washington Business Journal


Mayor Marion Barry announced this week that the District has launched its own World Wide Web site, to give citizens and businesses access to services such as car registration or incorporation forms.

"I envision a government that responds to its public at lightning speed," Barry said.

The address — — brought some snickers, however, from some hackers who have seen District government move at a somewhat slower pace.

"Maybe they should change the "http" to "help," said political columnist Jeffrey Itell, editor of the Northwest Side Story. A better address, Itell said, might be "help://send$$$.dc.pothole."

— Thomas C. Hall

[The District has another official home page at jeff]


Control Board

There seems to be a certain amount of static about the control board these days. Eleanor Norton, The lottery board and of course Marion are all carping about the control board and how illegal, unconstitutional, un-american it is.

I think it’s become a bit silly: As a last act of business the congress should dissolve the DC government, terminate 1/3rd of all employees at random, appoint a receiver and let the chips fall where they may.

The control board is far too ungainly an instrument to properly operate a city and CFO williams is perhaps the person to take complete authority.


District Cable
Greg Jones

Last night I noticed that our cable service was on the blink. This morning (Saturday) I checked the outside line and, sure enough, it had somehow become disconnected up near the top of the telephone pole. Upon calling DC Cablevision to get someone out to fix it, I was told that the earliest anyone could come is NEXT WEDNESDAY, and that it would have to be a "10 to 6" appointment (i.e., someone will be there between 10 AM and 6 PM - nothing more specific). Fine, I said, "the problem is outside the house, so come whenever you want." No deal, they said. Someone has to be home, so they can check and make sure everything’s ok after the repair is made. Bottom line appears to be that either my spouse or I will have to take the day off .… I find this absolutely incredible.. I’m about ready to try the DBS option (which I checked out at Circuit City a couple of weeks ago). The only problems with that (aside from start up costs) are: 1) we would lose whatever Baltimore channels DC Cable still covers; and 2) you need a spot on your property with a clear, unobstructed view (including no tree branches) of the spot in the sky where the satellite is located — which in my area may be difficult…


Ed T. Barron

Anacostia - revisited Yes, uncomfortable was the way I felt as we WALKED through some of the streets in Anacostia. But there were some areas that reminded me of AU Park and some homes that looked like they had been moved from Spring Valley to a new location in Anacostia. Can Anacostia become an integrated neighborhood? Probably not. But the area could become financially healthy and safe. It will take a dedicated and cooperative community with an effective (not just a big mouth) leader working closely with a dedicated law enforcement team to start. Once the area has been "safed" then businesses (both minority and white owned) could be inspired to invest in the community. Why not establish some of the new Memorial sites in that area. The new museums that people want to open could be sited their. As an example, London has a terrific WWII museum in a not great neighborhood outside Central London.


Rob Pegoraro

On 9/28/96, Jeff Lins wrote (I’m sure he wasn’t alone in this sentiment):

"i would be very interested in taking the outing suggested by mr. barron and mr. itell, but only in one of three vehicles: 1. bulletproof limo 2. sherman tank 3. hummer with extra plating and gun mounts. one question about the trip: would this be at night or day?"

Not to sound like certain politicians in our fair city, but the phrase here is "get over it." Crime is high in Anacostia, but it’s also high in big chunks of Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest. I generally avoid all those areas, but earlier this summer, I decided to take a little detour through Anacostia—on a whim, and on my bike. I decided that I should see the place with my own eyes for once, so I rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue past Capitol Hill and across the Sousa Bridge. Then I tooled along Minnesota Ave. and Good Hope Road for a little while. The scenery reminded me of the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, around Mt. Vernon Avenue; it’s not like I had to avoid puncturing my tires on used crack vials. Yes, I was (almost) the only white guy around, but nobody paid any attention to me either way.

The name "Anacostia" usually comes with this larger-than-life meaning, but in the end it’s just one corner of the District. Dangerous, yes, but not (from what I see in the crime statistics) dramatically more so than, say, Columbia Heights. It *is* much less safe than, say, Kalorama, but guess which neighborhood I’ve been mugged in?


Roth, Evan

Remember I asked you who to contact about getting a sinkhole on Rodman St? I first called a couple of DPW numbers and just got taped messages. I got impatient, so instead of calling another number, I called Kathy Patterson’s office. Her receptionist took my complaint down. That was about a week or two ago. Well, the other day, I saw that the sinkhole had been repaired (not a great job; just some more asphalt over it. but at least it was done). I guess I have to give Ms. Patterson some credit for constituent service.


Useful Wedding Reception Information
Leila Afzal

I belong to a small community club in Cleveland Park in DC. The club house is often used for wedding receptions. It’s not large, but I am sure it could accommodate 80 people. It has a beautiful wrap-around porch and is set in the "woods" . It is not at all fancy but people who have used it seemed very pleased. There is a lawn that can be tented for outdoor events, etc. If you are interested in pursuing this further, I can put you in touch with the person responsible for booking the space. I think the rental is around a couple of hundred dollars, but please don’t hold me to that. If I am wrong I am only wrong buy a little.



American University History/Information?
Greg Jones

My 11 year old daughter is doing a research report on American University. (She attends a school just down Nebraska Ave. from AU; her 6th grade class is doing reports on institutions within a short distance of the school.) We’ll be contacting AU to see what resources they might have.. In the meantime, we were wondering if anyone out there might know of a particularly good source of info (such as a history of the University) that we might obtain?


I’m looking for a good Yoga class that meets during the day. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Suzanne Kramer


Faith Launches Stars’ War

Former burlesque performer and perennial DC mayoral candidate Faith Dane, known internationally for her comic role as Mazzepa, the trumpet player of "Ya Gotta Have A Gimmick" in the film and Broadway musical ‘Gypsy,’ is launching an all-arts outreach project called STARS’ WAR to coincide with her bid for Washington D.C. Delegate to the House of Representatives on November 5, 1996.

STARS’ WAR is the re-formation and re-activation of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s WPA Executive Arts Order, right here in Washington, DC, with the active participation of the nation’s leading stars. Support for the STARS’ WAR platform already comes from Hollywood legend Marlon Brando, award-winning actor Ossie Davis, actress Marla Gibbs, comedian Dick Gregory and jazz musician Dr. Billy Taylor.

To kick off her electoral bid, Faith will be campaigning her platform (replace every gun with a guitar) from the stage of Mr. Henry’s, the historic Adams Morgan nightclub at 1836 Columbia Road, every Thursday night in October beginning October 3rd (her birthday), from 8 - 10PM and concluding Halloween night. Faith will present a comedy and musical act (with partner Jude the Obscure) of satire, dance and campaign calypsos, as well as "vintage soul talk" (including a recitation of Lord Buckley’s hipster poem The Nazz). Admission is free.

Contact: FAITH at (202) 462-2199 or Jeff Krulik (202) 966-5304


The D.C. Affairs Section of the D.C. Bar invites all readers of D.C. Story to a series of programs addressing critical and controversial issues facing the District. The programs, which feature key leaders in the public and private sectors, are sure to provoke thoughtful, challenging discourse. Registration is only $20 (with a discount for District government employees). To register, call the D.C. Bar Sections office at 626-3463 to secure a registration form. Lawyers and non-lawyers are welcome. Join us at the following:

10/08/96 at 6:00 p.m. +The D.C. Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority: Challenges and Priorities for the District of Columbia.+ Marriott at Metro Center, Lower Level, 775 12th St., N.W.

Speakers include John W. Hill, Executive Dir., D.C. Control Board, and Daniel Rezneck, General Counsel, D.C. Control Board.

11/13/96 at 5:30 p.m. +Town and Gown Relationships.+ This program will explore the often fractious relationship between local universities and their neighbors. The location of the program will be announced in the next several weeks.

Speakers include Hon. Kathy Patterson, D.C. Council Ward 3; Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, President, The George Washington University; Jerry Moore, Esq, Arter and Haden (Attorney for Howard University); and Maureen Dwyer, Esq. Wilkes Artis (Attorney for Georgetown University and American University)

Karen Hardwick KMH@DC3.HHLAW.COM


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Jeffrey Itell

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