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June 17, 1996

DC Taxes #4

Dear Neighbors:

The big tax news since the last issue was the D.C. government's admission that one its assessors was applying a rigid, wrong formula to assess houses. I may be mistaken and too lazy to check the story, but I believe about 1,000 homes will be reassessed. There's no word on the fate of the employee. Probably got a promotion.

Since the last edition, many more folks have signed up for this letter. But the correspondence has been slight. To breath some life into the letter, I would like to hear from you about areas we ought to cover. Tax burden? Tax justice? Tax system? The Freemen? It's all up for grabs.

Let me know. I will print whatever fits.


Jeffrey Itell


Eleanor Holmes Norton is about the only person associated with the District right now who could get support from the Congress. She is the only credible and electable candidate for mayor, IMHO.

With regard to Tax Relief for District residents. As long as Barry is Mayor no one in Congress is likely to grant anyone any tax relief. If the city can demonstrate reasonable judgement the next time a mayor is elected then there is a chance that Congress will take some action in that direction. But, then again, the largest percentage of people in the District who voted against Barry are really the only ones who pay any taxes. I still think we need a symbolic Tea Party.

It would be nice to see a non-governmentese summary of the main points of Horton's tax proposal.

Ed T. Barron

[I'll pull the bill from the internet if someone--a tax lawyer--wants to comment for the group. jeff]


Tax abatement Ideas:

I am making it a point to mention our predicament in the District that we are taxed without being represented to friends and acquaintances who live outside the beltway. The idea being that we need to raise the collective conscience of other U.S. citizens who have privileges we don't.

Perhaps we should start a letter writing campaign to members of Congress with whom we have no connection. Make them realize they have a respon- sibility to us since we have noone to speak for us. Keep up the publicity, make Dateline or 60 minutes educate the rest of America that we have no representatives in Congress. I t is amazing how few people don't know this.

I'd love to hear other ideas.

Leila Afzal


One of the things which I think would be useful in facilitating political action and/or analysis on the tax issue is a web site listing all the usual numbers about DC tax burden versus other cities (including state taxes/services). You know, concise yet hard information. Of course, since I am not volunteering to make this happen (except perhaps for helping out a *small* amount), this suggestion should be given all the attention it deserves :-).

Jim Kingdon

[Would someone want to at least search for websites about tax info? Someone ought to go through at least the Yahoo directory and find some info for us to share. jeff]


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