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April 25, 1996

Groveling for Subscribers

Dear Neighbors:

This issue contains many requests for information. Please respond directly to the writer but if your response is post-worthy, carbon copy it to me.

Since my mind is drawing a blank this morning, I'll keep this short and merely grovel for your assistance in bumping the subscription list. Please solicit your friends to join. Hey, it you can't abuse your friends......


Jeffrey Itell



perhaps DC Story readers can help solve a developing puzzle: there's something of an urban legend developing about a mysterious DC govt agency that will repair wheels busted by the city's world-class potholes. several cabbies adamantly contend that the city will pay for these repairs. has anyone heard this tale? does anyone have any reason to believe it might be true? i'd love to track this down to its source and welcome any suggestions. thanks.

Marc Fisher The Washington Post 202 334 7563 fax 202 334 5587



I'm new to the list, but I have a client who is interested in contacting people in the DC area who own Humvees, or "hummers."

Anyone who might like to talk to this reporter, or if you know someone who would like to talk to her, Please contact Joanne Elgart at (638-3286).

Suzanne Kincheloe Reference Librarian, Homepage Editor, Training Coordinator at the National Press Club



The Norton tax cut idea appeals to me, and I was not dissuaded by Mark Plotkin's comments on WAMU using the medical aphorism "Above all do no harm." He thinks the plan would doom statehood. I'm less certain, and while pro-statehood (or something like it) I feel that since we're not going to get representation any time soon, we ought to be relieved of some taxation. On the other hand, if Newt likes it....

E. James Lieberman, M.D.


I am a strong supporter of the Norton tax-free DC idea and I agree that it has possibilities as a Republican experiment. One question - should I take literally the newspaper report that only wages are tax-free? What about retirement income? Some of us semi-retirees would like to stay here, but states without income taxes beckon.

Jack Talmadge

[Jack: It seems that retirement income will be subject to the flat rate. Here's the language from Norton's bill. Lawyers please. (f) SOURCES OF INCOME- For purposes of this section--(1) RETIREMENT INCOME AND OTHER INCOME NOT SOURCED UNDER SUBSECTION- The source of any income not specifically provided for in this subsection shall be treated as from sources within the District of Columbia. jeff]


Randy Well's recent posting on above subject was very well stated. With Norton's recent legislative proposal, now is the time to let Congress and the President know exactly how strongly we feel about his issue. *We* are the people that D.C. can least afford to lose: the law-abiding, tax-paying, disappearing, middle class citizens! Why are we talking only "amongst ourselves?" I have no experience with this sort of thing, and have only lived here a couple of years, but I will gladly donate some of my time to get this thing going. We can certainly make a start by signing up everyone electronically, on d.c. story for starters , and are there any other electronic backfences in town? I imagine this will require some door-to-door work; some input from people who have implemented petitions would be helpful. I think a copy should also go to Eleanor Norton.

Let d.c. story know if you want to work on this and/or head it up. It's a great idea whose time has come!

Nancy Jackman-Brown


Tenant Disputes

does anyone know of an office in d.c. that answers questions about tenant rights in disputes with landlords? or, is there anyone with this area of expertise that could advise us on an issue? our (very absent) landlord refused to deal with a lack of hot water until i withheld rent and sent a certified later stating why. he finally replaced the hot water heater, and now expects the back rent from the unpaid month. any thoughts?

Leslie Pilcer



In the next electronic backfence please tell Michael Tacelosky, the anti-smoking zealot, that it's people such as him who have forced all the smokers outside, where there are, incidentally, no ashtrays because, God forbid, they might offend some Neanderthal's pristine sensibilities. Yep, Mike, I've tossed a few smoldering Marlboro's on the ground, probably in a neighborhood near you. They'll break down about the same time the District cleans up the next snowfall. So arrest me -- then you can go after those with flatulence, cheap perfume, bad dental work, an inability to hold onto paper objects in the wind, the fashion-challenged, etc., etc., etc. I believe in the First Amendment and a few others as well. So I defend your right to be offensive.

Adrianne Flynn


Falling Trees

Just wondering if any of your subscribers happened to have taped the Channel 9 news this morning (Wednesday the 24th) from 6:30 to 7:00. It seems yours truly was interviewed relevant to a huge tree limb that nearly crushed a Saab 9000 parked in front of my house during last night's windstorm. Powerlines prevented it from turning the Saab into a Swedish meatball. Anyway, I had understood that the piece was going to air from 5:30 to 6:30, so I set my VCR and went back to bed. Of course, it aired at 6:45, and I never got to see my first one-fifteenth installment of my allotted 15 minutes. I understand I was brilliant.



Jeffrey: Can you pulse our readership for support for getting the appropriate authorities to substantially increase the number of port-a-pots on the Mall for the Fourth of July celebration this year? I'm not sure who these authorities are; probably the Park Service. Last year the situation kind of "overflowed" in the hour or so before the actual fireworks. Fortunately most attendees were in a mellow mood, but it did get a bit gross. They need to double the ratio of pots-per-people. Maybe DC Story can help! [I don't do toilets. jeff]



Latest Restaurant Updates

-Old owner of Trumpets is taking over old La Fonda, which will become Cobalt, 202-232-6965.

-Pleasant Peasant has officially closed, the auction at Mazza Gallery was this past Wednesday, the owner's also own Mick's (this is Quantum Group out of Atlanta, GE) and they are trying to sell those rest's as well.

-Old Duke Zeibert's will become Morton's with Lunch and Dinner, while Georgetown location will continue to serve Dinner only.

Normal Disclaimer, Blah, Blah, Blah, I'm not at fault, etc...

Charlie Adler


General Dispair

Is Anyone Else...

...having a recycling problem? We on Woodley Place have been mis-Placed by the recycling pick-up truck. After many months of alternate Friday pick-ups, they missed the last two, came only after several phone calls, and still they are confused about Who/When/Where we are!! If you have a problem too, call 727-5887, Miss Cooper.

...observing rats where they never were before? They are venturing away from their usual territory behind restaurants into residential areas with less obvious sources of sustenance.

...disturbed by loud, late-partying neighbors? I don't mean just a happy evening barbecue; I mean loud, blaring, inescapable, assaultive music, either live or recorded, plus drunken shouting well into the early morning hours.

Randi Rubovits-Seitz



[Gabe Goldberg's response to Jeff Porten's response on Gabe Goldberg's response.....about parking and Metro in the District. jeff]

Walking to Metro might take 20-30 minutes in each direction (I'm not sure, haven't done it from here). It might be raining or snowing. Or I might be carrying something heavy. I might arrive at my home Metro station at 10 pm. You haven't seemed to acknowledge that deciding to attend an event involves numerous factors. Investing an extra hour, or cab money, or arriving here by Metro and facing a long walk in the dark might be enough to dissuade me from doing something I'd otherwise do if (for example) there was mid-day parking at Metro or some cheap and painless way of getting to Metro. I'm talking about the reality of decision making -- enough negatives can outweigh appeal of doing something, make other choices more appealing. Of course, for something important, more expense/sacrifice is borne. You seem to be saying that public transit is as good as it's going to get, so stop whining and start walking. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Why does a full parking lot mean "the majority is getting to parking"? Once the lot fills, how do you know what additional demand exists? Wouldn't it be good to discuss how to get more people on Metro, or make other area attractions/events accessible? This note, and the first, simply intended to discuss possibilities for improving public transit's availability and appeal.

Gabe Goldberg


DO YOU LIKE TO COOK, TRAVEL, PAINT OR DRAW? Join the Friends of the Palisades Library at their meeting on Saturday May 11, 10:30am. Immediately following the installation of new officers, Palisades' neighbors, Erasmus and Suzanne Kloman will take us on an armchair tour of southwestern France as described in their book, Sojourn in Gascony: Pleasures of the Palette (Judd Publishing l994). Plenty of parking in the lot and on street. Complimentary refreshments. Palisades Branch Library, 4901 V Street NW (off MacArthur Bvd), 202-727-1369.


The Textile Museum will present a House and Garden afternoon on Sunday, May 5, 1996 at 3:00 p.m. Two slide-illustrated lectures will discuss the work of John Russell Pope, architect of The Textile Museum's 1913 Residence Building and Rose Isabel Greely, designer o the Museum's gardens. Tours of the Museum's grounds will follow the lectures. Admission is $5.00 at the door. Reservations recommended call 202-667-0441, ext. 10. Refreshments will be served between lectures. The Textile Museum is located at 2320 S Street, NW, Washington, DC.


Dave Foreman will give a talk at AU at the end of the month. (But if you go, don't park in front of Ed Barron's driveway!) Here's the scoop (quoted from a flyer):

"From chainsaws to Congress, the natural world is under attack. Simply responding to daily threats is not enough. We must fashion a different future and create a place where grizzlies and caribou, wolves and bison can thrive. The Wildlands Project is working to build that vision region by region. Join Dave Foreman to find out how you can help re-wild North America."

Dave Foreman, Conservation Director of the Wildlands Project will be speaking on Tuesday, April 30, at 7:30 pm at American University, Ward Building #1. Tickets cost $5 for students, $8 for the general public, $10 at the door. For advanced tickets or more info., contact Patagonia, 1048 Wisconsin Ave., NW, (202) 333-1776. Ticket sales will benefit the Wildlands Project, the Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project and A.U. EcoSense. Special thanks to the Sierra Club & the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.

Caroline Staff


Used Book Sale - all proceeds benefit the Academy of Hope adult literacy program. ALL PAPERBACKS $1!!!! ALL HARDCOVER BOOKS $3!!!! Saturday, May 4th, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday, May 5, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. At the Festival Center 1640 Columbia Road, N.W. For further information or to donate books, call (202) 328-2029.

Lynn Kauffman


I am looking for a summer sublet for the end of May through the middle of August, preferably a single or studio but I can do the housemate thing too. I am looking for something generally inexpensive, but I don't even know what that means in Washington. I don't have any pets. I am reasonably sane.

Tara Mack


I am looking for a 1 BR apartment between DuPont and Tenley, and nearby to the Red Line and Connecticut Ave. if possible. Now for the wishful thinking, if you know of one in the $675-$725 range. Thanks for the help.



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