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DC Department of Transportation
Invites public comment on new religious parking policy
March 14, 2006




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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, March 14, 2006

CONTACT: BILL RICE, 202-671-2004, 202-437-7787/cell, bill.rice@dc.gov

DDOT Invites Comment on New Religious Parking Policy

(Washington, DC) The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) invites public comment on proposals to increase parking spaces adjacent to and around religious congregations and to step up enforcement against parking violations. The enforcement will start in late April.

"The goal of these proposals is an easy-to-understand, enforceable, safe system that allows congregations to park near their places of worship and residents access to their cars," said Michelle Pourciau, Acting Director of Transportation. "We will work with all the concerned parties - the residents, the congregations, the DC Government agencies - to develop site-specific procedures that works for everybody, just as we did for the Convention Center, the MCI Arena and RFK Stadium during the baseball season."

Before the increased enforcement starts in late April, DDOT will work with community groups and congregations to inform all interested parties of the new policy.

These policy and procedures are a cooperative effort of DDOT, the Department of Public Works, the Metropolitan Police Department and the Executive Office of the Mayor.

Comments should be directed to Miss Ann Simpson-Mason, DDOT Policy and Planning Administration at 671- 2740 or at: Ann.Simpson-Mason@dc.gov.

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DDOT Proposals for Parking Around Congregations

In many neighborhoods of the District parking is often limited near places of worship. This leads attendees to double-park during church events and, at times, blocking fire hydrants and fire lanes, driveways, alleys and crosswalks. Currently, MPD parking enforcement concentrates on these violations that create safety hazards.

DDOT invites comment on the following proposals to create additional parking spaces and increase enforcement around places of worship. These proposals, developed by DDOT in cooperation with the Department of Public Works, the Metropolitan Police Department and the Executive Office of the Mayor, are similar to the site-specific parking arrangements DDOT worked out for the Convention Center, the MCI Arena and RFK Stadium during the baseball season.

*Additional Parking*

DDOT is working with community organizations, residents and the relevant District agencies to create additional parking near congregations, as follows:

  • Conduct a detailed review, in coordination with affected Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and neighborhood groups, of the existing parking supply and demand balance, identified by user groups. Based on this review, DDOT will pursue changes to parking and traffic regulations to meet these parking demands.
  • Provide blanket public space permits for as long as a year for Sunday parking and for other agreed-upon church events. This revocable and renewable permit could allow back-in parking, double-parking and other additional spaces and would be in addition to the parking/traffic regulatory changes. The new spaces would not block fire lanes or create other safety hazards. This site-type of scheme has been successfully implemented on Capitol Hill around RFK for the baseball season.
  • Encourage discussions with private parking operators or other parking facilities to open up more spaces for church attendees.
  • Examine transit options, including shuttle service from large parking lots, such as the site of the old convention center site and the RFK lots, by Metrobus, the D.C. Circulator and private vans.
  • Provide valet service to move vehicles blocking other vehicles.

*Sunday Double-Parking Enforcement*

District agencies propose the following steps to enforce and thereby reduce church-related double-parking:

  • For three weeks before enforcement starts, projected to be around April 23rd, DDOT will work with DPW and the Mayor's Religious Affairs Office to distribute warning leaflets/brochures as was done last year in Capitol Hill neighborhoods at the start of the baseball season.
  • After the warning period, parking enforcement will increase around places of worship.
  • Similar steps will be taken to expand parking and step up enforcement in other neighborhoods where parking is tight because of religious events.

* * * * * *

Please direct your comments to: Miss Ann Simpson-Mason, DDOT Policy and Planning Administration, 671- 2740, Ann.Simpson-Mason@dc.gov.

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Proposed Logan Circle Parking

11th Street, N.W.
(Rhode Island Avenue to S Street)

  • Propose installation of 45 degree angle parking on both sides of 11th Street all times.
  • Existing Spaces: 53
  • Proposed Spaces: 80 RPP/Unrestricted based on existing frontage

Vermont Avenue, N.W.
Logan Circle to Q Street, NW

  • Existing angle parking signs and pavement marking on west side of 1500 Vermont Avenue, N.W. between Logan Circle and Q Street (one-way northbound).
    Existing Spaces: 21 RPP

Proposed Spaces: 21 RPP

  • Propose installing 60 degree angle parking on east side of this block.
    Existing Spaces: 11 RPP

Proposed Spaces: 16 RPP

Vermont Avenue, N.W.
Q Street to R Street

  • Replace missing "Back-In Drive Out Parking" signs on west side of the 1600 Vermont Avenue, N.W. between R Street and Q Street except for construction area between R Street and the alley.
  • Propose installing angle parking on east and west sides of the block between Q Street and 12th Street; and convert this block from two-way traffic to one-way southbound between 12th Street and Q Street.
    Existing Spaces: 17 RPP

Proposed Spaces: 29 RPP

  • Allow unrestricted parallel parking alongside median for north- and southbound traffic between 12th Street and R Street beginning north of 12th Street intersection.
    Existing Spaces: 0 RPP

Proposed Spaces: 22 Unrestricted

Vermont Avenue, N.W.
R Street to 11th Street, NW

  • Propose removing existing 60 degree angle parking on west side of the 1700 block of Vermont Avenue, N.W. between S Street/11th Street and R Street, N.W. (30 foot street width too narrow to allow angle parking and emergency access).
  • Removal of west side angle parking allows permanent parallel parking alongside the curb and median for southbound traffic between S Street/11th Street and R Street, N.W. using a 14 foot travel lane. Allow unrestricted parallel parking alongside median for northbound traffic between R Street and 11th Street.
    Existing Spaces: 39 Unrestricted

Proposed Spaces: 50 Unrestricted

900 -1200 blocks of Rhode Island Avenue, N.W.
between 9th and Logan Circle

  • Between 9th and 10th Streets angle parking has been suggested. Rhode Island Avenue is a principal arterial roadway. Angle parking is not consistent with this roadway classification
  • Propose alternate to allow parking on both sides of median between Logan Circle and 9th Street, N.W. on Sundays Only.
    Existing Spaces: 0

Proposed Spaces: 78 (8am-3pm Sunday Only)

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