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Petition to Recall Sharon Ambrose, Ward 6 Councilmember
Mary C. Williams
Filed January 12, 2005; petitions issued by the Board of Elections and Ethics January 24, 2005




Dorothy Brizill
Bonnie Cain
Jim Dougherty
Gary Imhoff
Phil Mendelson
Mark David Richards
Sandra Seegars


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PETITION FOR RECALL OF: Sharon Ambrose, Councilmember, Ward 6

Proposer(s) of Recall: Mary C. Williams

We, the undersigned, being qualified registered voters in the District of Columbia, request that the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics hold a recall election, as prescribed in Charter Amendment No. 2, to Title IV of the District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act (D.C. Official Code §§1-204.111 to 1-204.115).

Sharon Ambrose, Councilmember, Ward Six

I seek recall of Sharon Ambrose for the following reasons: 

FAILS as a REPRESENTATIVE to attend community meetings, work with the ANCs, and vote constituents' wishes, effectively disenfranchising residents who elected her to office. She cites her illness for absences, yet she traveled to China during critical stadium discussions. 

FAILS as a LEADER, allowing developers to deprive residnts of homeonwership using the 95/5 loophole; supporting closure of DC General Hospital and racing at RFK despite resident opposition, while contributing little to affordable housing, and doing nothing to abate our drinking water crisis, improve public schools, the literacy rate, juvenile crime and unemployment. 

FAILS as a LEGISLATOR, compiling a dismal record that is void of substantive legislation. She also FAILS in her OVERSIGHT responsibilities to transform the dysfunctional DCRA and DC Housing Authority. 

She is SUCCESSFUL at ignoring a majority of residents and SUPPORTING costly COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENTS that have an adverse impact on neighborhoods, then FAILS to mitigate these negatives BEFOREHAND on residents' behalf. 

A $600 million baseball stadium;
Sale of 13-acre Waterside Mall for $17 million;
Sale of Randall School to the Corcoran;
A $6 million park in place of public housing;
A $1 annual lease for St. Coletta School.

ANSWER BY: Sharon Ambrose, Councilmember, Ward 6

Since re-election in 2002, I've been honored to represent residents of our large and diverse Ward. From Rosedale, Near North East, Sursum Corda, Penn Quarter, Capitol hill, Hill East, to Southwest, Navy Yard, Southeast Federal Center and Reservation 13, citizens' needs and preferences vary widely.

I attend evening and weekend events, averaging one or two a week. I invite executive branch representatives to some meetings; and develop legislation to address concerns. Among the 87 bills I introduced and got passed since 2002 were: a more user friendly rewrite of ABC law; a law requiring notice to ANC's about publicly funded building projects; the Home Loan Protection Act; a law expanding the Housing Authority Police power; revising the D.C. Insurance laws, including creating a "Captive" insurance company program — a source of new revenue. I voted against the closure of D.C. General and argued persuasively that RFK was not the right site for the new baseball stadium because it would disrupt the community. I worked successfully with the Housing Authority to structure new housing opportunities at Kentucky Courts; and helped develop the Anacostia Waterfront Corporation to provide a mix of home ownership and commercial opportunities.

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