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There is another Choice.

Vickie Wells


five photographs of Vickie Wells


  1. I am determined that the government will be FOR the People!
  2. I will restore integrity and fairness in the actions of the city government;
  3. I will put an end to crisis management of the services and affairs of our city;
  4. I will establish a cooperative relationship between the communities, business industry and city government; and
  5. I will eradicate private agendas, cronyism and special interest “politicking” that are self-serving to the defamation of our domestic tranquility.


  1. Put an end to “contracting out” without measureable guidelines, cost saving initiatives and proper bidding procedures.
  2. Appoint an Ethic’s Czar with a mandate to uphold, establish and promote a code of conduct integrity with prosecuting authority.
  3. Downsize government with reorganizations and early out retirements; zero-based budgeting for all agencies; tighten oversight on procurement and sole-source contracting.
  4. Concentrate new business development, retail and service industry on streets and areas that are economically depressed. Revitalize neighborhoods with painting of store front facades, clean-ups and education of responsibility and commitment of residents to their communities. Create cooperative relationship between businesses and communities.
  5. Get the guns off the street, concentrate police service in the high-crime areas.
  6. Submit and promote legislation that sets minimum targets of appropriated budgetary funds on per pupil expnditure spent at classroom level; and
  7. Require the School System to redistribute funds out of central bureaucracy and school board in order to receive full funding.
  8. Seek tax contributions and tax credits for education and recreation services.
  9. Establish a tracking system for all public service request and a timeframe for completion.
  10. Address methods to eliminate the dysfunctions of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions as well as improve rapport and accountability within single member districts.
  11. Strengthen the Environmental Protection policies on solid waste, illegal dumping and the impact on hasty development and construction.

Paid for by Committee To Elect Vickie Wells Mayor, Voice of the People
Ted Wells, Treasurer, Committee Report on file Campaign Finance Committee


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