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Our Neighbors
Count on
Frank Smith

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Ward One City Council

VOTE September 15th


Shelore Williams

Pedro Aviles
Ken Fealing
Kindy French
Rev. R. Green
Ann Hargrove
Stanley Mays
Cheryl Opacinch
Hector Rodriguez
Omar Zavala

Minnie Abney
Pauline Accra
Gwendolyn Adams
Donita Adams
Carlos Alarcon
William Amey
Horacio Artiga
Beverly Bailey
Leslie Bailey
Thelma Baltimore
Alice Banks
Richard Banks
Elizabeth Barber
Maggie Barns
Willie Battles
Wraymond Baylor
Norman Baynes
Julia Beckwith
Mary Belton
Luis Beltran
Anne Bennett
Celstine Birch
Ida Blocker
April Boone
Alma Bowman
Paul Bowman
Janie Boyd
Rita Bright
Christine Brooks
Lena Brown
Macy Brown
Linda Bumbalo
Stephen Burroughs
Rev. Cage
Bobbi Carrol
Ollie Carroll

William Carroll
Rev. Carter
Rev. Carver
Harlow Case
Carole Clarke
Peter Clarke
Nina Colbert
James Coleman
Jerry Cooper
Maudine Cooper
David Corry
William Cox
Jose Cruz
Dorsey Davis
Margarita Davis
Phyllis Davis
James Dickerson
Rev. J. Dickerson
Clarence Dudley
Rev. Durant
Rochelle Fair
Rev. Fauntroy
Ken Fealing
M.A. Doll Fitzgerald
Bernice Fonteneau
Jeanette Fortune
Judith Fredette
Larry Fredette
Joy Fredette
Kindy French
Lynn French
Emmanuel Friedman
Bonnie Gant
Rose Gardner
Paula Gibbs
Lavenia Gooch
Rev. R. Green
Delores Grymes
Lawrence Guyot
Monica Guyot
Catherine Hammond
Ava Hancock
Ann Hargrove
Larry Hargrove
Cheryl Harris
Juanita Harris
Leroy Harris
Virginia Harris
Thomas Hart
Wilma Harvey
Leroy Hayes
Willis Hemby
Laola Heatlet
Laura Hines
Mazie Holland
Mildred Holmes
Clyde Howard
Cecil Howze
James Hudson
Charolette Hughes
Rev. Hunter
William Huntington
Margaret Jackson
Edward Jackson
Rosie Jacson
Kenneth Jacques
Cleveland Johns
Darren Jones
John Jones
Shirley Jones
Dora Johnson
Eula Johnson
Perry Johnson
Maggie Johnston
Talmadje Kelley
Joseph Kisha
Doris Knight
Theresa Knight
Kwabena Kobi
Nia Kuumba
Nancy Linton
Ron Linton
Carolyn Llorente
Fernando Llorente
Christopher Long
Issac Long
Ruth Long
Casilda Luna
Nidia Luna
Sue Marshall
Stanley Mayes
Dusty McClintick
Vivian McFarland
Jeanette Michael
Ann Mobley
Tony Montez
Astor Moore
Rev. A. Moore
Rev. J. Moore
Elder Morris
Eddie Moses
Rosa Navarrete
Marie Nelson
Abel Nunez
Cheryl Opacinch
Wanda Patterson
Clarice Philmore
Margaret Proctor
Saundra Reid
Thomas Redmond
Hector Rodriguez
Alicia Rucket
William Scheirer
Cleopatra Scott
Ruth Shaw
Anita Shelton
Elder Silver
Della Simmons
Conrad Smith
John Snipes
Lenna Solomon
Lance Solonia
Saul Solorzano
Ana Springer
Krushae Starn
Kathy Sternberg
Alma Strange
Kristin Svensen
Florence Tapscott
Carol Thompson Cole
Rev. Trent
Carlton Tucker
Dolores Tucker
Gabriel Ugarte
Anne Vanderberry
Naidalid Vasquez
Dottie Wade
Keith Wade
Janice Wade-Smith
Tujuana Walker
Vashti Washington
Lewis White
M. Nadine Whittington
Lula Williams
Shelore Williams
Kathleen Wills
Virgil Wilson
Juanita Woods
Norman Woods
Kennie Wright
Pamela Wright
Lozzie York
Wilfredo Zavala-Cruz


Making a Difference for Our Neighbors and Our Neighborhoods

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Frank Smith with Garnet Patterson Jr. High students. Smith equipped school with technology to ready students for Information Highway by 21st Century.

  • Led the fight to save the Columbia Road Farmers Market
  • Helped expand the Striver’s Row historic district.
  • Created Nehemiah Housing at 14th and Belmont
  • Helped restore the Lincoln Theatre
  • Spurred development along U Street
  • Supports the Columbia Heights Police Substation
  • Saved the Lanier Place and U Street Fire Stations
  • Wrote legislation to curtail vendor congestion along Columbia Road
  • Sponsored legislation allowing citizens to adopt Public Parks
  • Wrote Laws to stop aggressive panhandling
  • Piloted mechanical street sweeping project
  • Mixed use retail and Parking construction in Adams Morgan
  • Provided computer technology for neighborhood Libraries and Schools
  • Created the Homestead Act for First-Time Homeowners
  • Fought to preserve Rent Control

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Councilman Smith salutes Green Team that helped repair Walter Pierce Park in Adams Morgan.

“Frank Smith whipped the city into emergency form, assembling a task force to do everything from boarding up buildings to sweeping alleys.” — City Paper, February 27, 1998

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Councilman Frank Smith, Jr. (left) and ANC Commissioner Lawrence T. Guyot, Jr. enjoy a laugh with Donna Morris, purchaser of the Houseraising house, at the closing ceremony of the Manna Houseraising ’97.

“I believe that my first job as Councilmember, is to serve the people of our communities. In my terms on the council, almost 10,000 individual people have sought my help — people who need a place to live, health care for an elderly parent, assistance with a talented child. Many people know me for my Chairmanship of the Finance and Revenue Committee and my work on budget and tax reform. But my greatest sense of accomplishment and service is that which directly touches people here in our neighborhoods.” — Councilman Frank Smith

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Councilman Smith is Founder and Chairman of the Civil War Memorial Foundation that built the monument at 10th and U Streets, N.W.

“Our nation owes a debt of gratitude to Ward One Councilman Frank Smith for having the dream for this memorial for having the tenacity and just plain guts to fight hard for seven years to get it completed.” — Washington Afro-American, July 25, 1998


DC Teachers Union
Laborers Local 74
District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce
District of Columbia Board of Trade
President, Mt. Pleasant Business Association
President, Georgia Avenue Business Association
Coalition of Ward One Residents
U Street Business Association (UBAC)
Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA)
Teamsters Local 639
AFSCME Council 20
AFSCME Local 2401
Coalition of Black Trade Unions
DC Nurses Association
Restaurant Association of Metro Washington
Hotel Association of Washington, DC
Road Heavy & Highway Construction
Laborers District Council
Ministers of Ward One Churches
Ward One ANCs

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Paid for by Friends of Frank Smith, Jr., 924 U Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20001; Ron Linton, Treasurer

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