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Carol Schwartz was born in Greenville, Mississippi, on January 20,1944. She spent her childhood in Midland, Texas, a small west Texas oil town. Carol moved to Washington in January 1966 shortly after graduating from the University of Texas and began teaching special education. She soon got involved in public service in the District by volunteering at the Blackman's Development Center as a drug counselor and then later as a tutor at Malcolm X Elementary School in Anacostia. She was appointed by the President of the United States to the National Advisory Council on the Education of Disadvantaged Children where she served and was Vice Chair from 1974-1979.

Carol entered public office in the District during the first Home Rule election. She was elected to the Board of Education in 1974 and served until 1982. From 1977-1980, she was elected Vice President of the Board of Education for a then unprecedented three terms. After choosing not to run for a third term, she worked for the Department of Education as a full-time consultant and then as a press secretary to a member of Congress while continuing her volunteer work in the community.

In 1984, Carol ran for an At-Large seat on the City Council and won, becoming the only Republican on the Council. In 1986, Carol ran for Mayor and received 33% of the vote. She left the City Council in 1989, choosing not to seek another term after the death of her husband David H. Schwartz. Again in 1994, she ran for Mayor and received 42% of the vote in that effort. In 1996, Carol ran a successful campaign to return to the D.C. Council as an At-Large Member, where she chairs the Council's Committee on Local, Regional and Federal Affairs and serves on the Council's Finance and Revenue Committee and the Government Operations Committee. In addition, she serves as second Vice President of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Corporate Board, as Vice Chairman of its Transportation Planning Board, as a member of the COG Board of Directors, the COG Finance Committee and the Committee on Noise Abatement at National and Dulles Airports (CONANDA).

Carol continues her volunteer work. She was the first and only woman President of the Metropolitan Police Boys and Girls Clubs in its 64 year history and is still on its Board. She also serves on the Boards of the Whitman-Walker Clinic, where she was Vice President, the Washington Hebrew Congregation, the Hattie M. Strong Foundation, and the Community and Friends Board of the Kennedy Center, chairing its Education Task Force. Carol was appointed to the National Education Commission on Time and Learning where she served and was Vice Chair from 1992-1994. She is also Vice President of the Potomac Chapter Advisory Board of the American Automobile Association. Carol has been a radio and television commentator and the author of columns and op-ed pieces. In recognition of her outstanding volunteer service, Carol was selected as a "Community Hero" (one of only 32 in the Metropolitan area) and was an official Olympic Torchbearer in 1996. Carol was inducted by the D.C. Commission on Women into the District of Columbia's Women's Hall of Fame on March 16, 1998.

Carol Schwartz is the mother of three children, all of whom are products of the D.C. Public Schools; Stephanie, 29; Hilary, 28; and Douglas, 26. She resides in Ward One.

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