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Support Darryl Ross for School Board at Large — Nov 3

Two years from now, the DC Control Board will return oversight responsibility for the over $500 million dollar educational budget back to elected DC officials.

Will They be ready for it?

Elected School Board officials will serve a key role in the continuing recovery of our school system. What we need are individuals who pay attention to the details.

Darryl Ross has 16 years of accounting experience. He will control wasteful spending and introduce policies geared toward getting children off the streets and back into the classroom.

Darryl Ross will make a difference.

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Darryl Ross will work for:

Increasing teacher salaries, so we can attract and retain the best teachers for our children.
Raising standards of academic performance.
Reducing the cost of administration and reinvesting those funds where it matters most — the students.


School Board at Large 98

DC Students deserve the best education in the world.

Citizens for Darryl Ross, 2702 Knox Street, SE, Wash., DC 20020
For more information call Citizens for Darryl Ross at (202) 889-6609

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