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Councilmember Jack Evans for Mayor!

Jack Evans’ record
on Gay, Lesbian & AIDS issues . . .

  • Until Jack Evans was elected Councilmember, the Council ignored the Gay community’s decade-long campaign to repeal the District’s anti-sodomy law, which was often used to persecute Gays. One of Jack Evans’ first actions as a Councilmember was to sponsor and lead the Council to repeal this antiquated law.
  • As a member of the Domestic Partnership Committee, Jack Evans led the fight for the 1992 enactment of the District's “domestic partners law,” over the vigorous objection of D.C.’s religious “right” — and he will move promptly to reenact that law if it is repealed by Congress.
  • Jack Evans has consistently opposed efforts to outlaw or restrict adoptions by unmarried couples in the District of Columbia.
  • Jack Evans has worked extensively with GLOV (Gay Men and Lesbians Opposing Violence) to institute Lesbian and Gay sensitivity training in the D.C. Fire Department, and to ensure full investigation of any alleged discrimination by police and fire department officers.
  • At all times, Jack Evans has had at least one member of the Lesbian and Gay community on his staff working on issues of importance to the Gay, Lesbian, and AIDS community.
  • On HIV/AIDS issues:
    • As a founding member of the Condom Availability Committee, Jack Evans was the Council’s leader in successful efforts to begin condom distribution in our schools and prisons.
    • Jack Evans introduced and expanded legislation to establish the District’s needle exchange program.
    • Jack Evans has vigorously and successfully opposed legislative efforts requiring mandatory AIDS testing of certain individuals.
    • Jack Evans has consistently fought in each year’s District budget for full Medicaid coverage for people with HIV/AIDS.
    • Jack Evans has actively raised funds for AIDS organizations, including Whitman-Walker Clinic, AIDSWALK (Major Sponsor), AIDS Action Foundation, and Food & Friends.

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