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Full name (as listed on ballot): Jeff Canady

Office sought: Ward School Board Member

Party affiliation: Democrat

Age and date of birth: 33; 12/10/64

City of residence: Washington, D.C.

Education: Undergraduate: East Carolina University, BS; 1986. Graduate Education: School of Public Administration, University of the District of Columbia; 1988-1992 Early Childhood & Elementary Education, Trinity College; 1992-1998.

Elected offices held, civic activities or related experience: Community Involvement: D.C. City Council Master Facilities Task Force - 1997; Washington Teachers Union; Covenant Baptist Church; Far Southwest Civic Association; Congress Heights Civic Association; D.C. Young Democrats; Early Childhood Collaborative; Malcolm X Day Committee; Washington Tennis Foundation; Progressive National Baptist Convention.

Married? No

Children? No

In no more than 100 words, please answer the following question: Why should voters elect you?

As a graduate of D.C. Public Schools and as teacher for the last seven years, l have hands on experience dealing with the problems of schools, children and families. As an professional, l worked at the D.C. City Council and was nominated as the teacher representative to the Board of Trustees. I served on the Master Facilities Task Force created by the D.C. City Council and have expertise, competence and leadership that will help in resolving some of the long-standing problems in our school system. Effective child advocacy has been my life and the school board is a continuation of my community service.

Notable: In 25 or fewer words, tell us something you would like the voters to know about you. God is first in my life and children and family are my priorities. Serving as an educator is my way of Divine back to the community.

Daytime phone number with area code: (202) 561-5315

Evening phone number with area code: (202) 561-5315

Campaign contact person and phone: Paula Isaacs (202) 214-6329

Fax number with area code: (202) 832-2368

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