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Elect Artisst, photo and front page of flyer


Who is Bob Artisst?

A native son, a community leader, an educator, an activist, and a retired Associate Professor who serves the people of the District of Columbia. A product of the DC public schools — and a parent of three — two of whom graduated with honors from DC Public Schools and one currently enrolled at Deal JHS. A graduate of both Howard University and Federal City College with a Bachelor's, two Master's Degrees and who has completed Doctoral studies at George Washington University. A member of various citizens boards, commissions, and a servant to the small people of our city, namely our children and their parents.

Why do I want to serve you?

I have not just decided to serve nor have I been coerced by pressure groups. My commitment, dedication and knowledge have been reflective to serve the city and the people of my ward, My abilities include management skills and administrative know-how, and people’s charisma. I am an elected official, Democratic State Committee and Clinton delegate but, more importantly, I have a sensitivity to citizens’ needs and the ability to deliver. Although I’ve lost some, I continue to serve the City and the Ward. I have projected credibility, visibility, integrity and moral responsibility to the city and the people through action.


BY improving our children’s schools Bob believes that quality education is everybody’s business. He fights for programs that ensure a quality education as the single most important aspect of our society.
BY collective staff development for test scores
BY oversight workshops on balanced budget spending
BY prioritizing all school facilities maintenance (annual estralane maintenance) on buildings, vehicles, furniture, etc.
BY proper timely ordering of school classroom supplies
BY major refurbishing of schools in use
BY decentralizing all administrative functions from the Presidential Building to current and future closed or closing buildings
BY downsizing duplicated positions in administrative
BY reduction in class sizes to teachers and equalization staff development


Paid for by the Committee To Elect ROBERT (BOB) ARTISST
202-529-7953 – Fax 202-529-5217
A.P. Corley, Treasurer