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Willie F. Wilson
Democratic Candidate for Mayor in the 
September 10, 2002, Primary Election
Letter to Voters
September 2002

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Dear Concerned Citizen,

As a Democratic candidate for mayor of Washington, DC, I am asking you to write my name, Rev. Willie F. Wilson, on the voting ballot this September 10". Tomorrow's Washington must be created for all of its residents. It must be forwardlooking, inclusive, responsive, respectful and compassionate, as well as fiscally well managed. Your vote for me is an assurance of leadership with vision and courage. I assure you a revitalized government that responds to the concerns in the hearts and minds of all of our city's citizens.

As your mayor you can count on me to

  • Make education my #1 budget priority
    I will move with urgency in support of educational reforms such as restoring vocational education. So that more people have the opportunity to further their education, my goal is to provide full funding for the University of the District of Columbia.
  • Make our neighborhoods safe
    I will tackle the issues of public safety by promoting greater collaboration between community organizations, the faith community, schools and the Metropolitan Police Department. I will increase neighborhood policing in all communities.
  • Develop the Housing Market
    I will ensure that longtime low and moderate-income residents remain in the city by increasing affordable housing opportunities and restoring rent control. By restraining the escalating property taxes, I will reduce the threat of foreclosure to many senior homeowners.
  • Expand Business Opportunities
    DC residents need jobs. I will work diligently and collaboratively with the private sector to increase job opportunities and expand business development. Minority business contract opportunities will increase under my leadership.
  • Care and provide for our children, youth and seniors
    I will prioritize the well being of our seniors by increasing support services for independent living. I will partner with the community to ensure state-of-the-art recreation facilities in all neighborhoods.
My work in this city has always been to support good government, equal opportunity, and human rights. I firmly believe in democracy. To make this city whole, I will be directly involved in building community and ending the polarization that exists in our city.

Tell your family, friends, and neighbors - it's time to make a change and we are the people who will do it. Together we will build a city that is the crown jewel for our country and a city that works for all of its people.

1359 H Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002 * (202) 678-9152 *


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