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Beverly J. Wilbourn, Democratic Candidate for
At-Large Councilmember in the
September 10, 2002 Primary

September 2002

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Restoring Our Communities,
Caring for Our Children

Beverly Wilbourn photo

City Council At-Large
DEMOCRAT—Number 3 on the Ballot

Vote September 10

Wilbourn with children photo


An Inner-City Public School Graduate,
A Successful Businesswoman,
A Civic Leader Who Cares

Growing up in the inner city of Toledo, Ohio, Beverly Wilbourn worked her way through Georgetown Law School and became a nationally recognized business and legal expert in affordable housing issues.

Once a resident of public housing, she now specialized in creating livable communities for public housing and other low income families. But her civic leadership extends far beyond housing, as she's been a mentor for teenage girls living in a group home, and has spent countless hours working with a neighborhood based group treating residents who are fighting drug addiction.

On the City Council, she'll combine her business savvy with her compassion to help rebuild and strengthen our entire city.

Improving Our Neighborhoods, Rebuilding Our City

As a member of the city council, Beverly Wilbourn will make quality of life a top priority for all parts of the city. Her comprehensive plan includes:

  • Revitalizing our communities by pulling families and businesses up, not pushing them out.
  • Providing financing to District-based small businesses and streamlining regulatory hurdles to allow businesses to grow.
  • Invest in drug treatment and rehabilitation for citizens in need.
  • Strengthen neighborhoods by fairly allocating resources for community policing.

The Experience to Lead,
The Commitment We Need

“I represent a generation of leaders who have broad private sector experience and committed civic involvement. The combination of the two will provide effective leadership on the Council to address the City's most pressing needs.”

— Beverly Wilbourn

Improving Schooling for Our Children and Unskilled Adults

Beverly Wilbourn knows that a good education is the key to a solid workforce and the only answer to enabling our citizens to participate in the rebirth of our City. As a nationally recognized member of the City Council she will fight to:

  • Educate instead of litigate in special education — immediately assess the special educational needs of our children, develop programs to meet those needs within the District of Columbia, and stop forcing parents to sue us to educate their special needs children.
  • Fully fund and monitor the repair and upgrade of our Public School facilities.
  • Assure that Public Schools provide a quality education Citywide, instead of only in a few communities of the City.
  • Provide vocational and job training opportunities for our residents.
On September 10, VOTE

City Council At-Large
DEMOCRAT—Number 3 on the Ballot

Two photos of Wilbourn, one with children

A Distinguished Record of Achievement

*Attorney specializing in affordable housing and community development
*Board Member, "CAG" (Community Action Group) - an organization that assists residents who are fighting addiction
*Pro Bono Counsel - Tenant Association in Columbia Heights - fighting to place the building into tenant receivership to pay for code violations, and prepare tenants to purchase the building
*Co-Chair, DC Bar - Housing and Economic Development Project - providing free legal assistance to local non-profits, small businesses and community groups that provide affordable housing and jobs in low-income communities
*Chairmans Award from Us Helping Us - an organization serving the AFrican American Gay Community in the fight against HIV and AIDS;
*Federation of Friends of the Library - organized Citywide Library Rally that restored 1.4 Million in the proposed library budget for 2001 Fiscal Year
*Director, North Capitol Neighborhood Development Corporation - providing low, moderate and market rate housing and assistance to small businesses in the North Capitol Street corridor
*Former Mentor - Women's Enhancement of Faith United Church of Christ, for teenage girls in group homes

Why the DC Chamber of Commerce Endorses Beverly Wilbourn for City Council

"Beverly Wilbourn's commitment to economic development that lifts up our residents and neighborhoods as well as our downtown, has persuaded the District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce PAC that she is the very best candidate for the at-large seat. Her directness, her business savvy, and her energy tell us that this is a candidate who will confront the difficult issues head-on, and not get lost in irrelevant detail."


*AAWARE - An "African American Women empowerment group

*DC Coalition (highest rating of any mayoral or City Council candidate) -- Coalition of organizations addressing issues affecting African American Gay, lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered individuals.

To volunteer or contribute, call 202-842-8650 or visit Beverly's website
at <>

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Beverly Wilbourn, Dale Clement, Treasurer
5766 Georgia Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20011

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