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Harry Thomas, Democratic candidate for
Ward 5 Councilmember in the
September 10, 2002, primary election
Postcard-sized flyer
September 2002

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Safety, Service, HealthCare, Education, Affordable Housing, Community Development

Dear Neighbor: Where has our Councilmember been? Let's look at the issues and decide!

Our Council is failing us on many issues and exhibited poor oversight of government operations. Council actions over the past few years include: the closing of D.C. General Hospital, our only public hospital and major trauma center; lack of proper funding for police, ambulance, EMT and firefighters; improper handling of the Brentwood Postal facility clean-up; lack of support for our students, teachers and school administrators; ineffective oversight of illegal fundraising; voting for inadequate predatory lending laws; non-compliance on rent control laws; voting to overturn a voter referendum for Council term-limits; voting to exempt the Council from parking infractions; unsatisfactory enforcement and no mandated policies requiring a certain percentage of D.C. residents and businesses be hired and included in economic development projects; and in general, no legislative agenda or oversight that assures fairness and opportunity exist in the planning and development of our neighborhoods.

As a third general Washingtonian, D.C. Public School graduate, graduate of a historically black college, former Vice President for Public Affairs at D.C. General Hospital, and currently, founder of a community-based organization providing services for our youth and seniors, I am running for the Ward 5 Council seat to bring services, safety, fairness and opportunities back to our ward and our city. I have been endorsed by organized labor and other grassroots organizations that monitor the Council's voting record. I am asking you to check the voting record and oversight of government operations of our current Councilmember and examine his lack of initiative and representation of the citizens of Ward 5.

Your vote for me on September 10, 2002, along with these endorsements, will be vote to return our city back to the citizens and make safety and service delivery a priority! Your vote will help shape the future of the ward and assure opportunities exist for our youth and quality services for our residents. Health care, affordable housing, safety, education, seniors programs, and recreation will be a priority. Thank you.

Harry (Tommy) Thomas, Jr.
for Ward 5 Councilmember

JOIN US: August 31st at the 15th Annual Harry Thomas Ward 5 Family Day at the Dwight Mosley Recreation Complex 9am-6pm! Friends, food, baseball, basketball, softball, fun and youth football!

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