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Pete Ross, Democratic Candidate for United States (Shadow) Senator in the
September 10, 2002, Primary
August 2002

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Vote September 10th

Pete Ross

U.S. Senate

Equality for DC Residents

The District deserves voting rights in Congress! To vote for Pete Ross on September 10th means to vote in Congress.

Pete Ross for U.S. Senate

  • Voting rights in Congress for DC residents
    • National awareness that DC residents' lack the right to vote in Congress
  • Invest our DC federal tax dollars where we live
    • Spend our Federal taxes in the District (i.e., roads, security, schools, etc.)
  • Pillar in the Senate, working with Eleanor Holmes Norton

Pete Ross is a 26-year DC resident, property owner, small business owner and community leader. He served in the U.S. Army, leaving as a Captain in 1976.

Pete Ross is committed to the success of DC.
Vote for Pete Ross on September 10th to make our voice heard in Congress.

Committee to Elect Pete Ross, Catherine Cahill, Treasure
Pete Ross, Democrat for U.S. Senate, (202) 607-0000,

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