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Kathy Patterson, Democratic candidate for
Ward 3 Councilmember in the
September 10, 2002 Primary
Patterson Cleans Up on Endorsements
September 4, 2002

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Patterson Wins Glowing Endorsement from Washington Post

Washington, D.C., August 24, 2002 – D.C. Councilmember Kathy Patterson (D-Ward 3) has received a glowing endorsement of her re-election bid from the Washington Post, which described Patterson as a "tested and most effective public leader."

The Post praised Patterson for her diligent and effective record on city finances, legislation, and government oversight, saying, "It is hard to find a member of the council with a better understanding of a legislator's role and how government oversight should be performed. That the council now enjoys equal status with the executive in the policy arena is due in good measure to Mrs. Patterson's work as a lawmaker."

"I’m very gratified by this strong endorsement," Patterson said. "It reflects the hard work I have done in partnership with Ward 3 residents to turn this city around. When I took office eight years ago, the city faced a $722 million deficit and services were in a state of collapse. Now we’ve recorded five consecutive budget surpluses and improved city services – although there is still a long way to go."

The Post also criticized Patterson’s challenger, Erik Gaull, pointing out that Gaull "did not perform that most basic civic exercise, registering to vote, until 1998," even though Gaull had first moved to the District in 1986. The Post reported that Gaull preferred to vote by absentee ballot in New Mexico until he changed his registration to the District in 1998, shortly before he mounted an unsuccessful bid for an Advisory Neighborhood Commission seat in Ward 2 that same year.

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