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Kathy Patterson, Democratic candidate for
Ward 3 Councilmember in the
September 10, 2002 Primary
Fraternal Order of Police endorsement
August 6, 2002

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D.C. Police Union Honors Patterson

Washington D.C., August 6, 2002 – As part of "National Night Out" ceremonies, the Fraternal Order of Police Metropolitan Police Labor Committee tonight honored Ward 3 Councilmember Kathy Patterson for her leadership in support of District police officers as chair of the Council Committee on the Judiciary.

The FOP, representing the rank and file officers and sergeants in the Metropolitan Police Department, has endorsed Patterson for reelection, as have other public safety organizations including the Metropolitan Police Officials Association (which represents lieutenants and above including command staff members), and the Association of Retired Police Officers of the District of Columbia, Inc.

The FOP presented Patterson with a plaque during "National Night Out" festivities outside the Second District Police Headquarters at 3320 Idaho Avenue, N.W.

Sgt. G.G. Neill, FOP chairman, cited Patterson’s work to improve police pay and benefits, and to re-centralize homicide investigations among her numerous initiatives to improve public safety since becoming the Judiciary Committee Chairperson in January 2001. "Councilmember Patterson understands policing and has been a strong and effective leader on public safety issues in this city," Neill said. "Her door has always been open to us and her support and advocacy make a difference every day in the lives of front line police officers and the citizens we serve."

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