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Phil Mendelson, Democratic Candidate for
At-Large Councilmember in the
November 5, 2002, general election
October 2002

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At-Large Councilmember
Phil Mendelson is working to improve DC

Mendelson with children photo

"Mendelson's strengths: Community involvement and attention to detail."

The City Paper, 6/28/02

Phil Mendelson "does his homework, diligently attends to his legislative duties and keeps long hours on behalf of his constituents:"

The Washington Post, 8/29/02

I pledge to work for a DC that holds a bright future for every citizen.

That's what I've been doing, and that's what I'll continue to do.

Re-Elect Phil Mendelson!
At-Large City Council
November 5th * General Election

Education : Phil has supported a 38% increase in DCPS funding since 1999. His legislation for FY2003 protects the money budgeted for local schools. Phil's surprise inspections of DC Public School facilities have led to improved services for students. Teachers endorse Phil.

Environment : Phil is a leader in the effort to improve air quality and eliminate unhealthy Code Red days. He pushed WMATA to purchase clean natural gas buses. Phil fights for better water quality. His legislation to increase tree coverage will safeguard endangered urban trees for generations to come. The Sierra Club endorses Phil.

Good Government and City Services : Phil believes in a DC that can and must deliver reliable services. His legislation requires troubled agencies to develop realistic spending plans and to bear the cost of mismanagement.


Labor: 100% support from labor unions for Phil — including teachers, firefighters, police and nurses.
Environmentalists: 100% support from environmental groups.
Professional Groups: DC Medical Society, Trial Lawyers Association, Washington Board of Realtors

For more information visit
or call the campaign at 966-1485

Paid for by "Mendelson for Council 2002," Helen Epps, Treasurer; Bill Lightfoot, Chairman
3871 Newark St., NW, Washington, DC 20016

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