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William Edward Hunt, Independent write-in candidate for
Mayor in the
November 5, 2002, general election
September 3, 2002

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3 September 2002
About Me
And Why I Am
A Better Choice
For Mayor

William Edward Hunt in front of US flag, photo


William Edward Hunt
Washington, D.C.

I am a native of Greenville, Alabama, the heart of America.


I love DC because of its climate, its southern flavored culture, its diversity as a world capitol, a place where I have made my new home. D.C. has everything as a rich city. I want to share my passion for development, international experience, feeling for people, leadership, and of course my vision. After speaking to the people of DC on all four sides of the city about the city, what is missing as a common thread, what DC wants, why DC is not happy as an economy, uniformly, then I saw the answer. The answer to the question or the unease voters are expressing came from two youthful DC residents who both signed my nomination petition for Mayor of DC in Brentwood section of the city, N.E., R.I. Avenue. The male signer is 24 years in age. He asked me to help him find a good paying job so that he could have the type of life he preferred living in DC. His woman friend expressed agreement with him as well as her views about the importance of having good paying jobs at the beginning.

I wanted the two to be here with us tonight.

His name is John Robert Woodson, age 24.

Her name is Jennifer Elizabeth Davidson, age 23.

John said to me that I want to vote for you so that I can have a future here and a good paying job. I want to prosper in D.C. and remain here as my home. "I want to own my own home and have a good paying job to pay for 'it'" he said. Now what fm seeing as ingredients to employ as an operative rule to completely turn the city around for the good of all of D.C. people is why not as your Mayor Candidate can we not afford to see this great young many have a life, home, good paying job, shared time with loved one, a life and time like young men and young women who are showing promise whom I have also spoken with in the Connecticut Avenue, Dupont Circle sector of Northwest duplicate a Dupont Circle life style of opportunity on H Street, N.E.? As a leader, one must see how the mathematic of opportunity must start to span our whole city so Washington can have a future secured by our strong collective purpose.

John and Jennifer's desire and energy to get started on legs leading to economic prosperity is deserving for the two of them as well as must be promised by our leadership and vision for all young people of Washington, D.C.

As a candidate to be your Mayor, I can see provided opportunity to a John and Jennifer, setting that right direction perhaps up to a new $1 billion in neighborhood development never reached by previous city administrations.

John and Jennifer's story is told 10,000 times across D.C. proper about what D.C. ought to be and become as a capitol of opportunity for everyday.

It is time for leadership.


DC deserves massive assistance to account for federal under-funding to a city without federal voting representation benefits. And if DC accepts about $4 billion of needed funding from the Federal government to help rebuild all of the roads, sidewalks, fix all of D.C. schools, build great homes, pay teachers and public safety officers more money for higher performance such measure as this help from the Federal government and the $1 billion private investments in our neighborhoods untouched by prosperity yet, would help DC become "the Shining City on the Hill." And world capital renewed.

So this campaign is about what actual place we can give this youth or his counterpart in DC's future and the vision of the city for the next decade.

So the campaign is about vision, leadership, international experience, human growth possibilities, tremendous growth and opportunity in all of a great city like Washington, D.C.

All I can say in conclusion and in truth is that if elected as your Mayor, I would do a great job as well as guarantee the success of the creation of 10,000 good paying jobs for D.C. and new friends like John and Jennifer.

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