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Steve Donkin, Candidate for the Statehood-Green Nomination for 
Mayor in the September 10, 2002 Primary Election
Precriptions for What Ails DC
September 2002

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for what ails D.C.

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health care

Symptoms : The life expectancy for black men in D.C. is the lowest of any state. Our infant mortality rate remains criminally high our HIV infection rate is ten times the national average, and our asthma rate is the third highest in the nation.

Since the Mayor closed D.C. General, our only public hospital, people have died unnecessarily due to the increased travel time resulting from over-crowded emergency rooms at private hospitals.

Diagnosis: The deterioration of D.C.'s public health care services for the 80,000 D.C. residents without health insurance, caused by the privatization of our health care delivery system.

Remedy : Reinstate our public hospital with a Level-1 trauma center. Institute universal public health care that covers everyone regardless of income, employment status, or citizenship status

Steve Donkin, Ph.D.

Many years experience working professionally in science consulting & project management on issues of human & environmental health.


Symptoms : A recent Parents United for D. C. Public Schools' study showed that per-pupil costs have risen since 1991, placing D.C. below the per-pupil level of all neighboring MD & VA public schools. In addition, D.C. has failed to develop special education programs within DCPS. Instead we have sent most children with special needs to special education programs outside the D.C. school system at great expense (with the trans portation cost per child alone averaging $10,000 a year).

Diagnosis: Chronic under- & misfunding in DCPS budgets.

Remedy: Develop special education programs within DCPS, utilizing under-enrolled and surplus school buildings. Restore adult education and vocational training programs. Create a public school budget that reflects a commitment to put " children first." Implement a fair & progressive tax system that eases the burden on low & moderate-income residents & ends subsidies to private special interests, freeing up public monies to adequately fund education.

Steve Donkin, educator

Steve is a D.C. public school volunteer currently working toward certification for teaching in the D.C. public schools.


Symptoms: Homelessness, lack of affordable housing, loss of Section 8 (low-income) units destruction of public housing, and out-of-control, taxpayer subsidized commercial develop ments that gentrify our neighborhoods. In the last 10 years, D.C. has lost 16,000 rental units. At least 600 families are on the waiting list for emergency shelter.

Diagnosis: The Urban Institute recently reported that the areas "booming housing market has intensifed hardships for very low-income households" both for renters and homeowners. The "most prevalent problem is affordability." Roughly 66% of all low-income renters pay more than 30% of their income for rent.

Remedy : Create new housing units for low- and moderate-income citizens, using our Housing Production Trust Fund, which currently has $31.5 million in it - enough money to build 12,000 units right now. Toughen rent control laws.

Steve Donkin, affordable housing advocate

Two decades of affordable housing advocacy, both as a community organizer for Atlanta ACORN in the 1980's and currently with numerous affordable housing coalitions in D.C.

d.c. statehood

Symptoms : D.C. residents pay one of the highest per-capita income tax rates and serve in the military. Yet we have no vote in Congress, and we lack control over our own tax dollars, criminal justice system, and locally passed laws and initiatives. In 1992, we passed a domestic partnership law but were prevented by Congress from implementing it for nine years. In 1998, Initiative 59, which allows access to medical marijuana for terminally ill patients, was passed by 69% of the voters, yet Congress continues to prevent its implementation. Congress also continues to prevent us from using our own local tax money to fund a needle exchange program to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Diagnosis : Continued disenfranchisement of D.C. residents, lack of autonomy and a plantation mentality" caused by decades of colonial rule by Congress.

Remedy : Statehood for D.C., which includes local empowerment permanent enfranchisement, and full rights of U.S. citizenship.

Steve Donkin, dc activist citizen

One of the D.C. Democracy seven, who were arrested in Congress, tried and acquitted for casting D.C. residents' "vote" against Congressional meddling in our local budget.


Symptoms: An asthma epidemic among D.C.s children, many "Code Red" unhealthy air days, continued decline of the Anacostia River, and a devastating loss of green space throughout the city.

Diagnosis: Mayor Williams claims to be pro-environment yet his administration has failed to enforce current recycling laws, to protect neighborhood green spaces from development, to properly monitor areas of high public health concern such as River Terrace, and to address the environmental causes of poor public health such as the PEPCO plant emissions and combined sewer overflows into the Anacostia.

Remedy: Aggressively pursue compliance with clean air regulations. Expand public transit and natural gas buses. Increase bike lanes. Start an intensive tree-planting campaign. Provide strict oversight of trash transfer stations and enforce compliance with regulations regarding their proper operation. Preserve and expand green space. Expand and fully enforce a recycling program.

Steve Donkin, environmentalist

Long-time environmental activist & bicyclist, Steve holds a Ph.D. in Biology from Georgia Tech where he was a founding member of the student environmental organization.

campaign finance

Symptoms : outside corporate executives are major contributors to our current elected officials. For example, executives and other employees of Doctors Community Healthcare, Inc., the Arizona-based firm selected to run D.C.'s privatized health care system, contributed more than $62,000 to the Williams campaign between August 1001 and January 2002. Only 24% of the money Williams collected during that time came from D.C. residents.

Diagnosis : Mayor Williams and many of our other elected D.C. officials are in the debt of major corporations, developers, and investors seeking public funding tax abatements, and other corporate welfare for their development tourism, entertainment & sports schemes.

Remedy: Limit individual election contributions. Ban contributions from non-D.C. residents seeking contracts or subsidies from the local government. Ban "bundling" of contributions by individual employees of corporations.

Steve Donkin, unbought public citizen

Does not accept corporate donations, nor do any DC Statehood Green Party candidates.

for Mayor

Vote for the other Statehood Green candidates on November 5 . . . . . . .

Michele Tingling-Clemmons: At-Large City Council

Ed Chico Troy: Ward 1 City Council

Jenefer Ellingston: Ward 6 City Council

Adam Eidinger : U.S. "Shadow Representative

Joyce Robinson-Paul: U.S. "Shadow" Senator
@ 1314 18th Street NW & @ 202 .296.1301

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