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Tony Dominguez, Independent candidate for
At-Large Councilmember in the
November 5, 2002, General Election
October 2002

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A preview of the District's in the 21st Century

Washington, D. C. in the 2lst Century can be a growing, dynamic society creating new opportunities for our citizens, Whether you look at the rise of cultural diversity and economic development, the signs are clear the that the District is on the brink of a new era of technological innovation and economic opportunity. New citizens, companies and technologies are arriving that will transform our city and create new opportunities for well paying jobs and innovative solutions to old problems.

Tony Dominguezs strong leadership and vision of the future are the right combination to lead the District into this century.

As Washingtonians we work not simply to benefit ourselves, but to provide a better life for our children and grandchildren. New ideas and new technologies offer new opportunities for better lives. But, to provide for progress tomorrow, we must also respect the traditional values of family, freedom, faith, work, and respect for law.

Tony Dominguez's program fir the 2lst Century includes:


We must insure that no Washingtonian is left behind because of inadequate education. New technologies are an invaluable tool for teachers in their sacred task of imparting to our children both our shared heritage as Washingtonians and Americans, and the skills they need to take advantage of new opportunities. We must attract the best possible teachers and then keep them. We must identify the best programs and techniques and expand them.


Work diligently to provide police and firefighters more training and tools. Enact legislation strengthening victims' rights, strong repeat offender laws, truth in sentencing, establish a front line leadership program of regular meeting with law enforcement officials, community organizations and crime victims to promote coordinated anti-crime strategies to make the District a safer place, to live, work and raise a family.


We must forge a working partnership between city agencies, consumer & housing advocates, developers and financial institutions to maximize the opportunities of founding from both the federal and city availability to continue revitalization of the city while maintaining quality affordable housing through mortgage assistance and rent-control.


We must foster a coalition between the providers, government and faith/religious base charity organizations for a safety net with affordable healthcare for, the poor and vulnerable. Maximize the opportunities of founding from both tire federal and city availability to continue expanding community care centers.


We must develop new ways of financing to allow city entrepreneurs to start or expand businesses that create jobs for our citizens. We must forge a working partnership between business, private citizens and city employees to make the city government more effective and efficient We must maintain and improve our business climate and remove obstacles so that our companies become strong innovators and competitors.


We must preserve for our children and grandchildren our clean forests, lake and rivers, preserve and expand our parks and natural preserves, promote the development of environmentally clean technologies; and protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay.


We must restore our citizens' belief in the honesty of our political system, reform our ethic and campaign finance laws, and involve our citizens more directly in our government. Also, reform of the system to serve better with fair and equitable treatment of all citizens and accountability from management and staff of all agencies.

A copy of our report is filed with the Director of the Office of Campaign Finance.

A.D. 'Tony' Dominguez, Treasurer

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