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Tony De Pass, Democratic Candidate for
Ward 1 City Councilmembers in the
September 10, 2002, Primary Election
July 2002

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Tony De Pass
DC City Council: Ward 1

Tony De Pass photo

Experience Matters!

Tony De Pass:

  • Has been a member of the Ward 1 Community for 17 years and knows the everyday problems people face such as crime and public safety; garbage and rat problems; pedestrian safety; and parking issues.
  • Served in the DC Government, Federal Government, and US Air Force for a total of 24 years, in capacities including Metropolitan Police Officer, DC Traffic Adjudicator, and DC Community Youth Counselor. He has also been a Professor at the University of the District of Columbia, and is a 1978 graduate of Howard University Law School
  • Understands the problems with DC agencies, has helped countless citizens navigate DC bureaucracies, and will fight to reform the system to serve you better.
  • Believes diverse business ownership is the cornerstone of Ward I's economy. He will fight for fair and equitable treatment of ALL businesses within the community.
  • Promises to address important issues, and will work diligently to improve Public Safety and the Environmental problems present in the ward.

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